Pipestone National Monument
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While passing through the Southwest corner of Minnesota earlier this summer, an unmistakable brown and white sign reserved for national monuments popped into view: Pipestone National Monument
Located in the town of Pipestone, Pipestone National Monument …

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My 7 Links

Submitted by on August 1, 2011 – 7:34 am2 Comments

When Tripbase announced their project to unite travel writers and share some of our highlights, we jumped at the nomination from A Traveler’s Library . One of our favorite guest post exchanges is Vera’s Albuquerque and Beyond article about some of the highlights in the Albuquerque area for Sheri’s explanation of Everything I Know About Road Trips I Learned From Chevy Chase. It was more of a challenge than you’d think to come up with one article for each of the categories, but eventually all the dust settled and we have our nominations proudly glowing below. If you want to read more 7 Links articles, use the hashtag #My7Links on Twitter to search other sites.

Most Beautiful

There is no way to pick one destination and proclaim it most beautiful. One of the principles behind road trips is that elusive “around the next corner” and planning for the next great scenic byway. But, we have visited a lot of beautiful places, and one of the articles that showcases a beautiful destination (and very popular road trip area) is our Summer Road Trip Spotlight: Arkansas Ozarks. Don’t tell on us, but we’re going to break the rules a little bit, because Top 5 Beaches for Skipping Stones in Door County, Wisconsin is tied for the honor of most beautiful. We also have to confess that looking at pictures after the fact is a far cry from being there. Which is why we work to inspire other families to find their own “most beautiful”.

Most Popular

By far, the most popular article is one of the first articles we wrote. Top 10 4th of July Road Trips gets traffic all year, because Americans have such passion for 4th of July road trips. In fact, the 4th of July is such a popular time to road trip, we’ve written a whole series of articles, dedicated to helping you find the best celebrations for your family — whether you prefer small and hometown or the biggest and best the country has to offer. We don’t repeat recommendations, so check out this year’s picks, our picks from 2009, some hometown celebrations and parades and the best picks from 2010 as well as our favorite 4th of July road trips. We also have lots of fireworks for other holidays as well — search “fireworks” in the search bar at the top right of our site. And, to find celebrations near you that aren’t listed (yet), use our Event and Festival Calendar.

Most Controversial

The most controversy we’ve had as road trippers is when we pick the top 10 festivals of each season. Seriously, we’re not predicting anything political and arguing about which camp site might be more advantageous only gets so hostile. Flying under the radar for a couple of years, we were surprised when it got so competitive the last few times we’ve had to pick only 10 great festivals from all the contenders. Top 10 Summer Festivals for Families 2010 was the first time we got a few angry emails, so we’re memorializing that article as our rise to critic status — and controversy. Bring it — and nominate your favorite festivals, we can take it.

Most Helpful

This is a little tongue in cheek, but what’s a family road trip without S’mores? Our S’more Fun: Top 10 Best Places to Get Your Marshmallow On pays tribute to all the places we’ve spent time roasting that perfect marshmallow. From Shenandoah National Park to Rocky Mountain National Park or Acadia National Park, there are some amazing places to light the campfire and gather round with the graham crackers and chocolate. But, don’t wait for a grand location. Get out in the backyard and have a little impromptu competition and see who’s got the mad skills with the coat hanger.

Success Surprised You

We’re shocked when every single article doesn’t go to the top of the charts – are you kidding? This is road trips we’re talking about — who doesn’t get excited about a good road trip? But our article about Geocaching Vacations got a lot of people interested in the sport and we get questions about geocaching all the time. One of our favorite ways to break up the fighting in the front, er back seat, geocaching gets you outside and thinking. Admittedly, we’re a bit addicted and do plan our vacations around cache-rich areas, but unlike road trip junk food it’s not causing us to gain any weight. We’re thrilled that resonates so much with other families.

Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

In the summer of 2010 Sheri drove 10,000 miles and covered all of the Top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies. She called the trip our Rockies or Bust tour and her family had the time of their lives. About midway through the trip, she wrote an article about what a trip like that meant to their family, and it got a little attention, but it really should be one of our most popular posts because it summarizes what family time is all about and what getting away as a family really does. Our Family’s Top 10 Best of the Best is an article we wish everyone would read. From sunsets to geocaching it’s all there.

Most Proud

We’re most proud (of ourselves and other families) when we’re able to shuck our lives for more than a few days and get on the road. It shouldn’t be any surprise that we’ve all taken some grand and exciting trips. But Marcus Milukas, our newest editor, took his family on the road for 18 months. It’s brave to pack a wife and two small children into the trailer and head out. But, that’s the goal — to get out on the road and make memories. You can read about what precipitated that decision in his article, A Family Tour Epiphany.

Our Five Nominations

We’re passing the baton to five of our favorite travel writers, people you should be reading all the time.

Theme Park Mom
Road Trips for Beer
Autistic Globetrotting
Go Big or Go Home
By Lander Sea

We look forward to reading their picks!


  • Traci says:

    So, what I SHOULD do is click through to your under-appreciated “Scenic Drives” post, but what I’m really going to read is the one about S’mores!!! (Diet-induced hysteria.)

    Thanks for passing on the baton to me!

  • Great inspiration to hit the road and I hope that my site, myscenicdrives.com, also provides you with similar inspiration. My site provides scenic routes with full descriptions, interactive maps, and GPS directions for hundreds of routes through presently 14 states.

    In addition, we’ve just released a new Road Trip Planner which allows you to completely plan your trips throughout the world, quickly dividing your trip into manageable days, GPS and printed directions.

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