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Whenever our family passes through a state’s capital city, we like to stop and tour the capitol building. Free and open to the general public, most state capitol buildings offer guided tours (if you have …

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Cross-Country Road Trip: Cadillac SRX Luxury Crossover

Submitted by on June 24, 2012 – 12:19 pm2 Comments

Flat Irons in Boulder

For a third summer in a row, we’ve participated in a  cross-country “road trip test drive,” compliments of General Motors Corporation. Charleston, South Carolina was the 2010 destination for the Chevrolet Traverse. In 2011, we arrived in Branson, Missouri in style— compliments of a Buick Enclave. This year, a Cadillac SRX Luxury Crossover was our chariot to Keystone, Colorado for the 2012 Travel Blog Exchange travel conference.

A head turner from the moment the Cadillac SRX arrived in our driveway, neighbors we don’t even borrow sugar from magically emerged from their homes to peer under the hood and admire the trunk space.

City of Fountains: Kansas City

Past experience prepared us for a technology improvement, and the SRX really put things into hyper-drive. Pairing the cell phone with Bluetooth and creating a road trip play list on iTunes (Remember when we used to burn a CD?), we threw USB cables and a few DVDs into the center console and entered via points in the touch-screen GPS-based navigation system.

With amenities like a Bose® sound system, heated steering wheel, seat configuration memory buttons, and even an adjustment shelf inside the cup holders (flip up for small and down for Big Gulp), the Cadillac SRX Luxury Crossover is like driving in your own comfort-controlled first class cabin. With up to 60 cubic feet of passenger and luggage space, we did not feel crammed or crowded despite nine days worth of luggage, laundry, groceries, and trip souvenirs.

View From the Back Row

Using the fuel efficiency panel as a guide, we averaged 21.4 miles per gallons over the course of 2581.5 miles (both cruising at optimum fuel efficiency and into headwinds, up mountains, and crawling through big city traffic jams). Fascinating to my inner nerd was monitoring the air pressure in each tire, following the remaining oil life, and mapping our rest stops with the remaining fuel in the gas tank.

Mesmerized by the view through the UltraView sunroof  (spanning both front and back seats and just asking for a kite and  a windy day), our experience driving through Boulder Canyon was breathtaking. The kids even spotted a mountain goat on top of a cliff from the comfort of their heated rear seat.

Kansas, Before the Wind

When somewhere in the middle of Kansas, a patch of poison sumac turned a scenic overlook into a horrible memory, we used OnStar to locate the closest emergency room. Thankfully, the OnStar adviser re-directed the 911 operator to our vehicle (mind you, using Bluetooth technology) and was able to both navigate our route and keep tabs of a miserable kid at the same time. Take that, AAA!

With a MSRP starting at $35,985, don’t expect to see the Cadillac SRX Luxury Crossover taking over the high school parking lot. Designed for individuals with sophisticated taste and precious cargo, your pennies pay for what they get with this one.









  • Sue says:

    Wow, I’m jealous! How do I sign up for this opportunity?!? :) In all honesty though, what a fun thing to do each summer!

  • Thanks Sue! GM has been wonderfully generous to our family and this has been an amazing opportunity, allowing us to travel in comfort, style (and safety). Personally, I own a Buick LaCrosse, and the bar was already set high.

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