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Whenever our family passes through a state’s capital city, we like to stop and tour the capitol building. Free and open to the general public, most state capitol buildings offer guided tours (if you have …

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2012 Holiday Gift Ideas for Traveling Families

Submitted by on November 26, 2012 – 3:53 pmOne Comment

Making a road trip to the 10th Annual Chicago Toy and Game Fair, we scoped out the latest and greatest in toys and games for your holiday shopping lists. As usual, our main focus is vacation friendly finds for the entire family.  Knowing your road trip isn’t just in the car, here are our top picks in several different categories, from the restaurant to the campground.

In The Car: Pajaggle!

For those of us old enough to remember the game of Perfection, think of the challenge without all the popping. A puzzle made more difficult with some pieces inside of others, players compete against the clock to put everything back into the Pajaggle! board. More difficult than it it looks, the game can easily keep kids engaged while in the car or on the airplane—just make sure you select the set with the base that doubles as a storage container.

At The Restaurant: Flingin’ Frogs

For those of us officially underwhelmed by the three pack of primary color crayons and a kids’ menu designed for a smart monkey (Three-second maze anyone, anyone?), Flingin’ Frogs is a portable game easily played at a restaurant. Designed to be played by up to four people, you finger fling plastic frogs onto a tri-level lily pad. Small enough to fit in a purse or glove box, the pieces disassemble and fit with the frogs inside the blue base.

At the Hotel: Petjamas

For those of us weary parents who crumbled to last year’s Pillow Pet marketing craze, the folks at SnuggletimeToys have come up with a genius solution for taking the pets on the road. A combination pajama outfit with handle carrier on top, Petjamas put a washable barrier between your child’s toy and the hotel bedspread. With opportunities to drop the pet in places like a parking lot puddle or the and airport bathroom floor, simply remove the outfit and toss it in the dirty laundry bag.

At the Rest Stop: Mezo OgoDisk

Proponents of breaking up a road trip with parks, playgrounds, and rest stops, we loved finding OgoDisk at the toy show. Part Frisbee, part trampoline, the Mezo OgoDisk is a lightweight outdoor toy easily tossed in your suitcase or trunk. Played by kids of all ages, the ball is bounced back and forth in a game of impromptu catch/volleyball/tennis/toss or a combination of the four.

At The Cabin or Campground: Woods and Water

A strategic game of hunting and fishing, Woods and Water is ideal for your next cabin or campground adventure. Using cards to gather sixteen varieties of fish and wild game, players strategically work their way around the board with a dice, keeping a running tally on a score sheet. Easy enough for an elementary-age kid, but competitive enough for a group of adults, Woods and Water was a big hit at last week’s Thanksgiving family gathering. (We do live in Wisconsin, after all!)



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  • Paulina says:

    Hi Julie,

    Too bad they don’t sell Pajaggle! in Mexico, I would love that game.

    Playing 20 questions is fun too!

    Thanks for shearing!

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