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November 23, 2015 – 9:59 am

Located about ten miles south of modern day Tucson, Arizona is the Mission San Xavier. Built upon the ruins of the original mission, the building was constructed between the years 1783-1797 and it remains the …

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Travel Themed Board Games

July 1, 2012 – 1:23 pm
The Presidential Game

Under the guise of vacation, it’s only when we reach adulthood that we fully understand a road trip is a real-life social studies lesson with undertones of cartography. Road maps and GPS-assisted navigation aside, one …

5 Car Games That Incorporate Science Into Your Summer Road Trip

June 4, 2012 – 3:09 pm
road trips for familes car games with science

Looking for car games that keep the kids occupied and learning at the same time? Here are five ideas that incorporate science while no one is looking.

U.S.A. License Plate Game

November 28, 2011 – 8:21 pm
U.S.A. License Plate Game

One of our favorite games to play on a road trip involves finding as many license plates from different states as we can during the course of our trip. Obsessively stalking the rear-end of vehicles …

RoadTrips Game Review: Mind Jewel

June 17, 2011 – 6:14 am
Mind Jewel

My first impression opening the Mind Jewel box was “Wow!  This is gorgeous!”  Striking, saturated hues of blue, red and green semi-translucent “jewels” joined together form this multifaceted sphere.  Taking it into my hand raised …

Top 10 Great Kids Books for the Road — Guest Post from Vegbooks.org

August 31, 2010 – 6:20 am
My Friend Rabbit

We’re thrilled to have Jessica Almy of Vegbooks guest posting! She’s the queen of kids’ book reviews from a vegetarian perspective, and has a four year-old daughter, so she’s always reading the latest and best books. Plus she has hand-on experience in the car because her family rocks the road trip. She’s also got a great Facebook page.

Looking Out the Window, And Other Low-Tech Road Trip Fun

August 19, 2010 – 7:00 am
Playing MSTERMIND Attache: Siblings Unite!

With 101 ways to electronically entertain kids on a road trip, Road Trips for Families suggests re-introducing the window as an alternate “low tech” way to unplug, engage, and even bond.

10 Best iPhone Apps for Toddlers and Kids

February 15, 2010 – 7:43 am
wordex iphone app for toddlers and kids

Back in the day, parents handed fussy toddlers their keys, a teething toy or maybe a rattle. Now, we hand over the iPhone. The most common question asked by parents who look for travel advice isn’t about what highway to travel or even about kid-friendly luggage. It’s about iPhone apps. So, we decided to do some research and let our fingers do the downloading as we tried out some of the top contenders and a few more obscure apps. Here are our recommendations for the apps worth downloading. Let the happy road trips begin!

Travel Flicks for All Ages

May 19, 2009 – 7:59 pm
Common Sense Logo

I love Common Sense Media. I’m a slacker mom, but I don’t want my daughter watching inappropriate TV or movies. And, being a slacker, I’m definately not volunteering to pre-screen every tween movie. That’s where Common Sense Media comes in.

Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook

May 19, 2009 – 3:23 pm

I admit when Judy Colbert contacted me and told me about her book on temper tantrums I was skeptical. But, I was also interested. After all, who hasn’t had a temper tantrum on a road trip? I’m not even going to pretend I haven’t had a few world class tantrums in the car.

“Sweet Home Alabama” Mile After Mile

May 18, 2009 – 3:29 pm
Guitar Hero

With Guitar Hero: World Tour Mobile, you can take all the fun cross country. With 15 all new tracks plus a bonus song every month, you have plenty to practice.

Would You Rather?

May 18, 2009 – 9:17 am
Would You Rather...?

These games currently reign at #1 in our family for best-ever car games. The basic premise is that on your turn you answer a question about whether you’d rather eat super gross item A or B, or whether you’d rather live without feet or hands, that sort of thing. The questions are fun and thought provoking, and you learn a lot about the people in the car with you.