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Next Road Trip, Leave the Driving to a Pro

Submitted by on June 15, 2009 – 9:52 am

wedriveuI know, it sounds counterintuitive. You go on a road trip because you love to drive. Or not. When I first heard from the representative at WeDriveU, I scoffed at the idea of hiring a professional to drive the family sedan. But, then, I started to think of a few places I’d rather sip a cool beverage and watch the scenery instead of fight with the GPS (and eventually everyone in the car) trying to find our way.

And, I remember when our daughter was a baby, I’d have gladly paid to have a custom tour rather than take her on a tourist bus and make ALL the stops while we tried to get to just the top one or two stops on our list. After all, one of the challenges in family road tripping is the lack of tourist guides custom written just for your family, right? I know mine doesn’t fit the mold. So, maybe a chauffeur isn’t such a bad idea.

I suppose the other draw would be the fact that you can actually work in the car, or get some sleep.

WeDriveU provides a professional chauffeur for just $36.80 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum. According to their representative, “They offer super knowledge about the sights, have a great handle on traffic patterns and can serve as your personal mobile concierge to assist with bags, dinner reservations and more.” There are even families that hire chauffeurs to drive the whole trip! I wonder who starts bugging the driver first with the incessent “Are We There YET?” nonsense? The parents or the kids??