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February 6, 2016 – 7:00 pm

Between the years 2010 and 2015, I visited just about every children’s museum, public museum, history museum, and discovery center in the state of Wisconsin (with the exception of the Northwood’s Children’s Museum in Eagle …

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Vacation in Raleigh. Yes, Raleigh!

November 16, 2015 – 6:43 pm
Raleigh Capitol Building

I am one of the lucky ones — I get to call North Carolina home, while many just hope to vacation here one day. With the mountains in the west and the beaches on the …

Feed Me in Austin, Texas

April 16, 2012 – 4:53 pm
Fried Okra

A foodie’s playground, you can throw a rock from just about anywhere in Austin and hit a restaurant worth raving about. And forget four-star restaurants and ambiance, the hands-down best place to eat a meal …

Ella’s Deli & Ice Cream Parlor in Madison, Wisconsin

March 4, 2010 – 7:53 am
Ella's Deli & Ice Cream Parlor Carousel

The cliché “we’re regulars” is a bit of an understatement for our family. Whenever someone comes to visit from out-of-town, Ellas is a mandatory stop on our makeshift Madison tour. A friend of ours introduced my husband and I to Ella’s before kids and we were hooked even then (now it’s just easier to point obnoxiously at all of the things flying and moving around the room without seeming like you’ve lost your mind).

On the Lookout for Fun — Maple Grove, Minnesota

February 8, 2010 – 11:35 am
Lookout Patio Family Road Trip

On the top of a hill, smack-dab in the middle of suburban sprawl sits the same restaurant on the same spot it claimed over fifty years ago. If you think, “this can’t possibly be right,” take faith and keep driving. You’ll see a sign for The Lookout Bar and Grill around the next bend.

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Spots to Watch the Big Game

February 1, 2010 – 12:50 pm
ESPN Sports Arena

Be honest now. Back in the day (before the mini additions to the family) you rated the best places to watch any game, no matter how big, by how sexy the servers were, how cold and cheap the beer was, and obviously, how plentiful the TVs were. Now you worry whether your kids are even invited, and dream of a place with cold beer, TVs, sexy servers and a gigantic game room or daycare.

Pipin’ Hot Pizza

January 27, 2010 – 12:34 pm
Organ Piper Pizza Milwaukee

Anyone new to Organ Piper Pizza in Brookfield, Wisconsin (Western Milwaukee Suburb) will notice two things right away…a full house and a smile on every face. It’s fun to watch them take it all in. The lights, the games, the crowd. And, then, the giant Wurlitzer pipe organ on the far side of the room. And by giant, I mean all-encompassing in a non-invasive way.