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Travel Games for Spring Break Road Trips

Submitted by on February 12, 2012 – 4:41 pm One Comment

With spring break around the corner, those of us in winter climates are planning an escape to somewhere different, somewhere warmer, and somewhere with kids in tow. Determined to keep everyone happy and the number of “Are we there yet’s?” to a minimum, here are some of our favorite new road trip games to pass the time. As always, we’re looking for portability, durability, and ways to disguise learning opportunities as moments of fun. Here goes:

Wikki Stix Travel Fun Kit

First discovering Wikki Stix at a restaurant, we were thrilled for a diversion from the crayon. Made with “hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax (the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick), Wikki Stix do not contain latex, gluten, nor peanut or other nut oils or byproducts.” Addictively fun, Wikki Stix can be bent, shaped, and molded into endless creations. Perfect for tiny fingers, siblings can work independently or together on their 2-D and 3-D creations. The Travel Fun Kit includes an eight-page booklet of travel-related activities, a lightweight play board, and 24 Wikki Stix. At $4.95, you’ll want hours of fun for everyone (including big kids such as mom and dad).


What happens when you combine Scrabble and the Rubik’s Cube? SCRUBLE Cube. A 3D word game that can be played in the car and on the airplane (or anywhere without a cell signal or opportunity to lose tiny pieces in inconvenient places). Played by the rules, or just allowing kids to spell words on the go, SCRUBLE Cube is rated for ages eight and above. Spelling words three to sixteen characters in length, paths can go horizontally, vertically, and even travel around the face of the cube. With a possible 7,401 septillion combinations, pack a dictionary and get your spelling bee on.


The perfect solution to staying active on the road, GetFitsu is a no equipment needed body workout card game that can be played by anyone over the age of five. Designed to be played individually or in a group, GetFitsu uses progressive levels of difficulty in the following categories: pushing, legs, core, fully body, pressing, and pulling. Playing the card game with kids, grandparents, and anyone in between, try and make your way through the entire deck in less than thirty minutes. Every exercise is explained in detail in video format on the GetFitsu website (a free user account is needed, so plan ahead ). Perfect for rainy days or burning steam at a park or rest stop, keep a deck of GetFitsu permanently handy in the glove box.

First to Find

For all the nature-loving families out there, the First to Find game by Groundspeak brings geocaching fun to the picnic table. Using themed artwork on a standard deck of playing cards, the game is played with gear, movement, and obstacle cards (movement and gear overcomes obstacles). Incorporating the four seasons, winning the game is determined by agreeing upon the difficulty level of the cache and matching points with the difficulty level. Stored in a beautiful tin, the game offers teachable moments any way you play it.

Bubele’s Patch Buddies

A new solution for transporting and storing toys in the car, to-and-from the hotel, and even at the airport, Bubele’s Patch Buddies are a unique combination of plush animal, blanket, and backpack. Cleverly designing the animal to hold the blanket—attached to the animal, the security-sized blanket stores in a zipper compartment located on its back—the animal then fits snugly into a circular pocket on the backpack. Parents will love this three-in-one storage system, and also being able to pack books, games, and snacks in the main and side compartment of the backpack. Choosing a penguin for our home, the Bubele’s Patch Buddies fits our elementary-age kids and has already joined us on a few regional road trips.


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