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Wet and Wild: Kodak Play Sport Video Camera Review

Submitted by on November 15, 2010 – 7:08 pm

Recently presented with the opportunity to review the Kodak Play Sport camera, we tossed it in our suitcase for a wild and wet weekend in The Wisconsin Dells. A video camera capable of taking full 1080 pixel high definition shots, the Kodak Play Sport is waterproof to 3 meters (basically the bottom of the deep end). The camera has electronic image stabilization for those of us too lazy to drag around a tripod. Switching over to regular picture mode, the camera also takes 5 mega pixel stills.

A somewhat unsettling feeling to take a camera into the pool with you, concerned people will stare and eventually ask questions like “Is that your phone?” and “Are you taking movies under water? Cool!” Toting the camera into and out of the hot tub, down the water slide, and through the lazy river, not a leak was to be had. It’s even durable enough to drop on the deck or in the sand (this is the reason we needed the Kodak Play Sport in the first place—as it turns out, zoom lens motors do NOT like the beach…at all). And before you know it, you’ll have about five minutes worth of water slide footage, complete with dark tunnel and screams.

Kodak offers some video tips, like shooting more footage than you’ll need and making sure you are in a well-light area, packing extra memory cards, and varying your shots (wide, zoom, off-center). Try different perspectives; if you have kids, get down on their level. Portable, lightweight, and durable, the Kodak Play Sport is a great beginner to intermediate video camera. I gladly let my younger kids put the electronic image stabilization to the test. Not my first choice for stills (but I prefer a larger viewing screen), we do have some fun shots from under the water and places most people wouldn’t dare go with any kind of expensive technology. Oh, yeah, the Kodak Play Sport is budget friendly too: MSRP $149.99.

With that, here’s our aquatic video compilation of all three indoor water parks at Wilderness Waterpark Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.