16 Tips to Plan Effectively for a Road Trip

Thinking of taking a road trip? Here are some great tips to make the whole process a lot more fun and a lot smoother.

1. Google Maps

Your journey will have a start and destination, which means you will have a direction to head, and this gives you an idea of timing. All that will be mapped, providing the route to take and how long it will take you to get there. That is where Google maps will be useful to help you know about your location during your travels and give suggestions of places that you might not have thought of along the way but would love to visit. Make sure you have
your route mapped out before you start your trip. Identify point A to B even though everything is not written in stone. Leave some room for unexpected detours.

2. What Car?

Your destination and route will influence the kind of vehicle you will use. It would be best if you also considered the number of people accompanying you. Furthermore, the trip type will have you thinking of using a 4-wheel drive, or convertible, or a car with high clearance. Use these facts to book accordingly and do so in advance and pick the unlimited mileage and suitable holiday car excess insurance.

If you are to travel for a few months or more, it would be best if you considered purchasing a used car that can sell once you are done with your travels. Inspect the vehicle before you complete the transaction and sign anything because the last thing you want is having car troubles in the middle of nowhere.

3. Music

Good music and the open road blend well; you will have more than enough time to jam to all your favorite tunes. Therefore, download some songs to make a few playlists on load on your USB or smartphone. Also, consider checking out the local radio as you cruise the roads to hear the kind of music they have, and you would not come across back at home. Momondo’s road trip playlist can be the perfect place to start and probably get you in the

4. Roadtrippers

Visit Roadtrippers to get some valuable information ranging from finding the best and affordable accommodation to quirky roadside sights. The website covers much of what the world has to offer, with some fascinating destinations and sights.

5. Roads Less Traveled

You will find yourself driving fast on the highways, but do not let this make you miss out on a lot. If you have the option, consider taking the road less traveled. It might have lots for you to discover. You get to venture on paths you have not seen before as you engage with the locals. A detour will be an excellent way of straying from the norm. Follow that weird tourist attraction sign you encounter or the one for an odd-sounding ghost town. Spontaneity is at the heart of a fun road trip.

6. Eat And Stay Local

Try out the local dishes, even if it is something new. It might the only chance you get to excite your taste buds with something different. The same goes for the accommodations. A stay at than swanky resort might be tempting, but do not downplay that unique mom and pop place, ‘BnB’ or kitsch motel down the road. If you are having trouble deciding what to settle for, install the Check out Near Me Tonight app on your Android smartphone or iPhone to discover the different accommodations available near you.

7. Cooler Bag

Your next bite of food might not be at the planned time. That is why you should carry a cool box or bag for storing a few snacks and drinks for when you are a bit lost or too hungry to wait until you get to the next town.

8. Camp (Even In Your Car)

Camping can be a budget way of enjoying your travels, an ideal alternative to staying in motels and hotels. It is a fun experience that also presents an opportunity to meet new people. You can opt to sleep in your vehicle if it a large one, like a van or RV. Search for any RV campsites or other campsites or places such as retail stores or petrol stations where you can camp.

9. Travel Mate

Traveling in the company of your friends can be a memorable experience; however, it can also be one that makes or breaks the friendship. It can be fun and laughs when the journey has no hitches, and it can be a nightmare when stuck in the vehicle for more hours on end, and the GPS is broken. Moreover, conflicts can arise due to different interests in the places to visit or stay over. That is why you should request the right travel mate to tag along. It should be someone that matches your interests and temperament and does something better than you; it can be speaking a local language or reading maps. Moreover, it would be best to pick people who can handle you when you are at your worst.

10. Buy A GPS

Avoid hiring one; the daily charges can add up quickly and surpass what it would cost to purchase one. Furthermore, it will be one of those assets you will keep for your next travels.

11. Go Offline

While Google Maps is somewhat a must-have, never disregard the need to pack a paper map. You never know what could happen as you get adventurous and do a bit of exploring during your road trip. You would be surprised by how handy the paper map can be when trying to find out where you are and pinpoints a few impromptu stopovers on your route.

12. Book Ahead

Chateau de Versailles and Alcatraz are a few of the many attractions that sell out months in advance. Hence, you should pick the sights and places you want to visit and plan your trip around them. Use the same approach for the hotels and a few other areas of interest and book ahead to avoid missing out.

13. Respect The Rules Of The Road

If your trip takes you to another country, make sure you are conversant with their road rules. Check out their official tourism site or Road safety authority’s website for tips and advice. Remember, the road regulations can differ, and the same applies as you travel from one state to the next in the United States.

14. SIM Card

If you have an unlocked phone, purchase a local SIM card to ensure that you stay in touch with people, and help keep your communication costs down. WhatsApp Messenger, Skype, Facebook, and other social media apps that you can use on your phones via a mobile data connection or secure Wi-Fi.

15. Gas Stations

Gas stations are a godsend. They present a chance to not only refuel but also stock up on food and drink, rush to the toilet, and purchase some extras. Some gas stations can even allow you to park overnight.

16. Stay Safe!

Lastly, remember that to explore and discover what is out there during your trip is a matter that demands you step out of your comfort zone and explore. Take the road less traveled, but also be sensible about your choices and decisions. Ensure you are safe.

Seek advice to know more about where you are or are going. And always remember to have a few gallons of water in the vehicle, it will be a lifesaver. A gallon of gas is all worth carrying if you have the room.