6 Healthy Tips While on a Road Trip

Whenever you consider having meals while on the road, there are good chances that you are probably picturing fast food. However, just because you and your family are traveling does not mean that you have to consume food that will leave you feeling tired, bloated and spent. Making healthier food choices is the key to getting the best out of your leisure time and the time you have with your family.

After all, eating healthy and drinking lots of water is the best way to sustain your energy levels, it will also help you recover faster and fuel your muscles during a long road trip. Below are six tips that will help you make healthier food choices while on a road trip with your family.

Eat Frequent Smaller Portions

Smaller amounts of healthy foods during the day will signal your mind that there is plenty of food, so it is ok if it burns through the calories fast. Reducing your calorie intake in a single sitting will also give you plenty of energy. Not only does eating too much in a single sitting make you sleepy and sluggish, it also sends signals to your brain that it needs to store the food.

Carry Snacks

When traveling, most people do not have access to food they normally eat. Even worse, some may prefer to skip meals so they can reward themselves with a huge chocolate piece of cake later. However, this way, your body thinks there is a food crisis and immediately slows the metabolism in an effort to keep you from starving.

If you want to keep your body and mind active, have healthy snacks stashed in your vehicle. Some good examples of healthy snacks include hard-boiled eggs, dried and fresh fruit, berries and yogurt, hummus and raw vegetables, and almonds.

Have Plenty of Water

This is no mistake water is food. Your body requires water for just about all its functions. Plenty of fresh water will help you consume less, keep your skin fresh and flush toxins from your body.

Water also helps you deal with symptoms associated with overexposure to the sun or heat and dealing with cravings of junk food. In fact, most of the unhealthy cravings people experience while on the road can be controlled or stopped by drinking water.

Your Stop Determines How Healthy You Eat

During a road trip, if you are always stopping at fast-food joints, then your food choices will most likely be limited to unhealthy choices. However, when you stop at a grocery store, you expand your food choices, while reducing junk food temptations. Some of the healthy or whole foods you will find at grocery stores include nuts, hummus, bagged carrots and fruits – alternatively, a supermarket that has a salad bar is also an excellent stop.

Protein Rich Meals

A complete protein should be one that contains all the essential amino acids your body needs. Eating the right amount based on your weight will help stabilize blood sugar, enhance concentration, and keep you strong and lean. When a long hike, long drive, or a day at the beach is next on your itinerary, then give your body high quality protein.

Avoid Temporary Relief Foods

As you visit GoNYTours.com looking for your next road trip destination ideas, remember to avoid carrying or consuming foods that satisfy your craving, but leave you worn out or feelings sick. While on the road, avoid foods that are likely to deflate your mood and drain your energy.