Death Valley – Road Trip for the Record Books

We love a good theme for our road trips. We’ve been known to take trips that focus on crazy road signs, the most miles traveled without seeing a car or even wildlife spotting expeditions if we’re desperate and need the kids to believe that out their window is exciting, even if elusive, wildlife. But the best road trips seem to be those where the family pictures take place in front of the biggest ball of twine or world’s largest underwear. Death Valley National Park offers creative families the opportunity for a scrapbook full of record-breaking photo ops.

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Sandpoint, Idaho – Rockies or Bust

The Sandpoint, Idaho area is the perfect road trip for families from anywhere in the Northwest, and it’s a great mid-point destination on longer trips. In the far northern part of the state, the Sandpoint area is one of our top recommendations for other road tripping families.

Exploring Enterprise, Joseph, and Lostine, Oregon

One of the best parts of road tripping is that while you enjoy the journey, you can stop to learn about what’s around you.Instead of just flying over the heartland and looking at the farms that grow food for the world, you can stop, talk to farmers and ranchers and decide what your family needs to do to eat healthier.

Joshua Tree National Park Expert Itinerary

Joshua Tree National Park, located about two hours east of Los Angeles, is a perfect example. Located on the border of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, it’s home to some of the strangest and most spectacular scenery in America. Visit in the spring, and you’ll be treated to spectacular wildflower blooms that transform the otherwise parched landscape into an explosion of color. Visit in the fall, and you’ll enjoy balmy temperatures perfect for hiking or rock climbing. Not summer? Not a problem. Joshua Tree awaits!