Trip Planning

Holiday Card Road Trip to Santa Claus, Indiana

Are your holiday cards addressed and ready to mail? Consider taking a road trip to Santa Claus, Indiana to send them. This small-town post office is the only one in the world with the Santa Claus name and receives over 400,000 pieces of mail in December. The Santa Claus Post Office has offered a special “picture postmark” every holiday season since 1983.

Healthy Road Trip Tips

Family road trips are a time-honored tradition. But they can also be tiring, frustrating, and result in way too many backseat meltdowns. How to keep everyone comfortable, healthy and well-fed on the road? We asked Melanie Haiken, of Health Conscious Travel to give us some tips.

Why we Love to Garage Sale on a Road Trip

Visiting garage and thrift sales on a road trip is a fun way to save money, find hidden treasures, and keep kids looking for signs. From geocaching trinkets to clothing and toys, your next vacation souvenir may be off on an adventure of its own.