Could You Really Move Abroad?

Photo of the world Can you really move abroad?

Many of us have dreams of moving abroad. But what does it actually take to relocate to another country? Below are a few things that you’ll need to consider before moving abroad.

Educate yourself on the laws and culture

Moving to a new country could mean having to follow new rules and customs. Some of these new rules and customs could be for the better, but others could be for the worse. It’s important to educate yourself on the laws and the culture to determine whether you could suitably adjust.

Decide whether you need to learn a new language

There’s no need to learn another language if you’re already bilingual or planning to move to another English speaking country. However, if the official language isn’t English and you don’t know any of the local lingo, it could benefit you to learn some basic words and phrases before moving. While many people around the world speak English, there’s a high likeliness that you’ll still meet some people that don’t speak English. Having some basic local language skills could be beneficial in these situations. You should consider whether you’re willing to learn a new language before deciding to move.

Weigh up the costs

Moving abroad could be expensive. On top of the cost of flights, you may have to consider visas and a way of transporting your belongings over. When you’re there, you also need to consider the cost of living versus your likely income. In some countries, the relative cost of living could be much higher. You should consider whether you can comfortably afford to live in such a country. Doing your research and running through the figures could be beneficial.

Factor in family commitments

If you have kids or a partner, it’s likely that you’ll want them to move with you. You need to determine whether this is what they truly want. Moving abroad may not be worth it if certain family members are not fully behind the decision to move.

Consider a temporary move

It could be worth trying a temporary move to help determine whether life abroad is right for you. This could involve staying somewhere for six months or a couple years. If this works out, you could then apply for indefinite leave to remain. This tends to be what most people do before moving somewhere permanently. In the meantime, you could consider keeping most of your belongings in storage in case you decide to move back — so that you’re not shipping your materials abroad only to potentially ship them back again.

Consider what you’ll leave behind

Moving abroad will require some sacrifices. You may have to give up your job and particular hobbies. You may also have to leave behind certain friends and family members who you may only be able to talk to virtually or on the phone. There could even be small things such as certain foods that you may have to give up. This is all worth considering before you move — can you give these things up?

Consider what you’ll gain

It’s also important to consider what you’ll gain. Many people move abroad for a better career, for education or to reunite with family members. For others, it’s simply a way of gaining new life experience and new perspectives. You may be in a stage in your life where you have little to lose and a lot to gain. In this case, moving could be the right option for you.