Discovering the World Beyond the Ocean: Why You Should Travel to Europe

There are so many reasons to travel to Europe, that no blog article can be enough to discuss everything. Probably it’s simply enough to mention that some of the world’s most visited destinations are in Europe, which makes the continent very active and touristy.

In 2023, London and Paris were among the Top 10 destinations globally, and by the way, they are ranked higher than even New York. On top of this, if we get into the data about the most popular destinations in Europe, you will find amazing cities like Rome, Amsterdam, and so on. The rich culture and history make Europe a magnetic continent for travelers from around the world, and despite personal interests and hobbies, everyone can find something magnificent in European cities.

Thanks to its well-connected transportation network, Europe offers easy mobility from city to city, and if you are traveling within the EU territory, then a big choice of countries can be under your fingertips, from hot Spain to cold and windy Nordic countries. Let’s put it this way – everyone finds their reason to visit Europe, and this article aims to uncover some factors why you should consider Europe as your next destination.

The Best Party Spots Are in Europe

If you’re the type who lives for those wildly epic nights out on the town, Europe should be at the very top of your travel list. This continent just brings the party game to a whole other level, so finding the best party places in Europe is easier than you think. Take Berlin for instance – based on sources and surveys, it was ranked the literal #1 party destination across all of Europe by travelers. It’s fun but almost 25% of its clubs and bars keep that wild energy dominating in the city past 3 AM regularly. A full-on playground for night owls and dance music savvies.

However, Berlin is just one particularly elite example. Hot spots all across Europe from Amsterdam to Barcelona have cultivated these party district experiences that feel totally immersive and embedded in the local culture. You’re not just getting funneled into generic clubs with no soul, because these are venues that are full of authenticity, which is enjoyable for everyone, especially in summer when life is super colorful in Europe with festivals and other events along with night parties.

If You Love Food, You Love Europe

If you are a person who loves eating and thinks that it’s the ultimate part of the travel experience, Europe is a destination that generously treats tourists with amazing cuisine, regardless of your preferences from seafood to amazing dumplings.

I mean, Italy alone has an enormously rich cooking culture, the biggest part of it consists of pasta, cheese, and tasty wine. It is not surprising that Italy is ranked as the top food and beverage destination in the world, with a significantly high number of people specifically wanting to visit there for the cuisine. An entire country just exalts in the richness of pasta, pizza, and gelato at the highest levels possible, and on top of this, it’s a great destination for family-friendly activities.

Then you have cuisine titans like France just casually racking up over 600 Michelin stars scattered across the country for its world-class fine dining, baked goods, and next-level cheeses that’ll change your opinion about dining and enjoying food.

Let’s put it this way –  the deeper you venture into the iconic regional specialties of each country, the more soulful and vibrant the flavors get. The masterful Portuguese seafood game and the hearty beer and sausage traditions define Germany – it’s like lifting the curtain into distinct culinary cultures that have been perfected over centuries.

One Trip, Many Experiences

Here’s maybe the best part about taking an extended trip around Europe – if planned out wisely, you can pack in an insane degree of cultural whiplash and bucket list experiences into a relatively short trip. Europe’s compactness and stellar rail network make it ideal for an unforgettable cultural adventure.

Imagine starting your exploration in grand capitals like London or Paris, then in just a few days, chilling on sunny Mediterranean beaches. Europe’s massive high-speed rail network, spanning over 200,000 kilometers, lets you zip between countries with ease.

That same interconnectivity also enables some affordable regional travel for those who have a tight budget. Skyscanner’s numbers show short flights between neighboring European countries frequently run as low as $30. So in the span of a normal vacation, you could raise a glass in a Munich beer hall steeped in 500 years of history, and just days later find yourself marveling at Renaissance masterpieces in Italy.

It allows you to craft a trip indulging every possible wanderlust interest all in one swing – amazing food, world-class art and museums, minority historic neighborhoods, stunning natural scenery, and colorful nightlife districts.

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