Five Accessories You Need for Your Camper Van

We’ve been out camping in the camper van during the shoulder season (enjoying our new custom mattress, if you are so inclined to learn more about sleeping in comfort in this story). A “no frills” vehicle, we ordered a few accessories from Amazon to make our experience a bit more manageable.

Dampen Sounds with Dynamat

Normally used during to help reduce rattles and improve acoustic quality during high-end sound audio installations, we plastered the inside of the van with Dynamat so we could hear each other and our own thoughts. Not the most attractive interior decor, we plan to cover the interior with a different material or fabric at some point.

Magnetic Hooks for Hanging

Hang Everything with Magnetic Hooks

These Neodymium and steel magnetic hooks are no joke! We have been hanging many things on the inside and outside of the vehicle, for convenience and extra storage space (note the jackets hanging on the van in the feature photo). At night, hang a water bottle or lantern for easy retrieval.

Dynamat and Tap Lights

Tap Light Push Lights

These battery-powered tap lights are cheap but effective (other options are available for LED and are probably more cost effective and environmentally friendly in the long run). For $12, the five pack seems to meet our needs as we stuck lights on the walls and ceiling or wherever we like to sit and read.

Magnetic Towel Bar

This magnetic towel bar is wonderful for drying wash cloths, dish towels, and lightweight bath towels (a wet beach towel might be too heavy). We like to hang the bar on the side of the van closest to the dish washing station.

Magnetic Towel Bar

Visor Mirror

For some reason, our basic vehicle did not have the typical mirror in the passenger-side visor. For $7, you can add your own and remove it whenever the mood strikes you. I suppose the mirror could also be used in emergency situations and/or for temporarily blinding an annoying sibling (where was this thing in my life 35 years ago!).

Happy Trails!

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