How Much is a Private Jet Flight, Really?

When you think of the words “private jet” what comes to mind? Chances are you’re thinking of millionaires, movie stars, politicians, or the otherwise wealthy who can already afford high end luxuries. Sure, the exuberantly wealthy and private jets tend to go hand in hand but would you believe that taking one of these flights isn’t that far out of the scope of plenty of family’s budgets? It certainly isn’t a possibility for everyone, but it might not be as impossible as you think. So, how much is a private jet flight, really?

Pricing at a Glance

When looking to fly privately, prices can vary based on what it is you’re looking for. Obviously a commercial airliner is going to cost more than a smaller jet but chances are your family doesn’t need something so gigantic. For instance, a turboprop plane’s interior is roughly the size of a larger SUV and can seat 6 to 8 passengers.

Keeping that in mind, there are two different options for pricing when choosing private flights. You could either pick an On Demand or Fixed Rate pricing option.

On Demand Pricing

On Demand pricing fluctuates a lot. The factors that contribute to this are the type of aircraft being charted, the availability of that aircraft, and how close it is to your place of departure. Just like any flight, the duration of your trip is also going to affect the total cost.

So, a smaller plane still costs less than a larger one but there needs to be enough of them available to keep the price down. Also, an aircraft already sitting snug in a hangar at your local airport is going to cost less than the one that has to fly from six states over to reach your location. Simple enough, right?

Typically, you will be dealing with an agent when booking this kind of flight. They will analyze the factors which affect the pricing, they’ll find you the closest airplanes, and offer you the choices available at the best prices. This helps to eliminate spending an outrageous amount for a plane that simply isn’t close by.

They will also look into whether or not a round trip flight would be more expensive than two one way flights. Because prices can vary so rapidly, it may make more sense to use two different planes than one for both trips. The agent can also suggest a similar plane that’s already set to travel your flight path anyway, which can really help you save money on different costs.

Fixed Rate Pricing

This option is much simpler, and often requires a membership with a specific company. Fixed pricing offers an easier way to budget your total cost altogether by locking in a rate. Every company’s costs are going to vary, which makes finding the right company crucial to saving as much as possible.

The system still works the same in all other aspects, including how your agent will help book the most cost effective flight. However, members often receive a premium rate as opposed the normal rate.

Alright, How Much is it?

There is no one number to answer that question, and prices are always subject to change. That makes it hard to give a specific answer without knowing which plane you would choose and where you are headed. A round trip flight on a Citation X plane from New York to L.A. could cost as much as a minivan, or you could book a round trip on a King Air 200 from Miami to the Bahamas for under 5k.

Consider the specifics of your trip, then contact an agent to find out which plane and what flights would work their way into your vacation budget.