How to Save Money on Your Next Travel Adventure

Nothing should stop you from traveling to places with family and friends. But if you’re on a tight budget and still want to make the most out of your holiday vacation, plan to do some planning and some homework.

Here are some ways to stretch a dollar:

Use a One-Stop-Shop Service Marketplace

There’s nothing more stressful than visiting a big city and trying to figure out where to park without breaking the bank. One-Stop-Shop services like allows you to make advance restaurants for parking, restaurants, and even find discounted event and movie tickets.

Set a Budget

When making a budget:

  • Set a date for your next travel and count the number of days you still got to save money
  • Create your own travel itinerary.
  • Determine the current costs of airfare, food, and accommodations. You can review travel sites to see affordable but enjoyable travel and tour packages available.

Check and Use Your Rewards

It’s worth contacting your financial institution or credit card company to determine how much reward points you have already earned. You might be surprised by how many points you’ve accumulated, and there could even be freebies like one free passenger fare or a one-day free accommodation in a hotel of your choice.

Set a Spending Limit

Even if you already have a clear idea of the things you want to buy on your trip, there are many extra fees, service charges, taxes, or tips you may encounter in a new city. Make sure to stick with your shopping budget by setting a spending limit for each day of your trip.

If you’re saving up for your big trip, here are some tips to live by:

  • Manage Your Account: Set a spending limit on your daily credit card expenditure. You can log in to your online account and manage the spending limit through your account settings section.
  • Make a List: Create a list of things you need, not just want, to buy before going to the grocery or supermarket.
  • Limit Viewing: Only check your favorite online store once a week to prevent compulsive buying. The more you look at items for sale and great deals, the more you’re tempted to buy and spend more.

Set a Travel Savings Account

You probably have a separate savings account for your children’s college education, for your retirement, for emergencies. It’s hard to save money when living expenses are always popping up. We recommend setting up a separate account for your travel funds, most especially if you and your family perceive traveling as one important way to build the best memories of your lives.

Know Your Priorities

It may sound like oversimplified advice, but a smart way to save is to know your priorities. Think of your basic needs first before spending money on your wants. Never create a need just to justify your wants. If you were able to live without such an item or service in the past, then you can also do it today.

While you can treat yourself once in a while, the best gift you can give to yourself and your family is a great vacation. Remember that your spouse and children will treasure moments wherein you’re together, rather than the material things you buy for them. So, go ahead, plan your next travel adventure, and appreciate the beauty of life and the world while having quality time with the people who matter most to you.

Encourage Family Members to Save

 Everyone in the family can do their part to save money for your next travel adventure. Cutting on your wants can save you much more money than you can imagine on a monthly or quarterly basis. Regardless if it is dropping coins or bills inside a piggy bank or volunteering to take care of the food, drinks, or fare, a seemingly tiny effort can actually do a lot.

When everyone is involved in saving, everyone is inspired to do their part. It’s also a good way of teaching your children how to value patience and work hard for whatever they want to have or achieve. You’ll teach your kids how to appreciate the things they have and to prioritize more meaningful experiences, such as traveling with family.

 Search for Deals and Use Coupons

 Of course, one of the best ways to save money is to use coupons and search for deals. You can get coupons through magazines, newspapers, stores, brand websites, and online couponing sites. The good thing about coupons is that you can get a percentage or a certain amount off the item price or shipping cost.

Here are some ways you can get the most out of special deals and coupons:

  • Stack Coupons: You can use multiple coupons on a single purchase. There are brands or merchants offering such a great deal.
  • Bulk Buying: Purchase in bulk to save more money or get freebies and still get additional savings using discount vouchers.
  • Coupons for High-end Products: Sometimes, you feel guilty about buying expensive products, which shouldn’t always be the case. If you want to purchase a signature winter coat for your next holiday travel adventure, you can search for brand coupons online and use it on your purchase. You can also participate in surveys or polls to get a percentage discount on your favorite signature brands.

There are many creative ways to save money for your next travel adventure. If you’re struggling with expenses, see how a car title loan could be helpful. You can save by availing of one-stop-shop services, great deals and discounts, and rewards. Also, you can set up a separate savings account for your family travels.