Managing Knee Pain During Road Trips

When you’ve got achy knees, taking a long road trip can be a real pain – literally! Sitting motionless for lengthy periods of time will often aggravate any stiffness and soreness you experience in your precious joints, whether due to arthritis, runner’s knee, or any other conditions. Fortunately, your achy breaky knees don’t need to keep you from traveling altogether.

Read on to find out how to manage and prevent knee pain during long rod trips. And visit to learn more about everything from knee health tips to the best volleyball knee pads.

Stop and Get Out for a Walk

If you are traveling by car, periodically pull over and get out of your vehicle to stretch your legs. Similarly, if you are on board a train, leave the train compartment and walk up and down the aisles a few times. This will help ease any stiffness or added pain that comes from being cooped up in a cramped seat for a long time.

Stretch Out

Push your seat back to the maximal extent possible and stretch out your legs beneath the seat ahead of you. You may not be able to stretch your legs completely, but you will probably get a little bit of relief. Driving is better than taking the train or an airplane in this respect, as they are more ways to alter your seat position in a car, enabling you to stretch your legs out to a greater extent.

Take Shorter trips, or Break Them Up

To reduce the possibility of knee pain and stiffness, plan shorter road trips, or break them up into pieces by booking overnight accommodation somewhere along the way.

Use the Cruise Control

If you are taking a road trip in your car, make use of the cruise control option. After all, placing your foot on the accelerator pedal demands that you bend your knee. Staying in cruise mode on the flat open highways will enable you to keep your leg stretched out.

Wear a Knee Brace

Wearing a knee brace on long road trips will help stabilize the kneecap, compensating for damaged or weak cartilage and ligaments. This will in turn result in reduced knee pain.

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