Popular National Parks to Visit in Europe

Oulanka: Wikimedia.org

As a home to multitudes of national parks, Europe is one of the most favorite continents for nature-loving tourists. Countries like France, Germany, and Switzerland are filled with stunning stretches of terrain with unique flora and fauna in each destination.

This short guest post lists some of the more amazing amazing European national parks that you can visit on a budget-friendly vacation.

Cinque Terre National Park

Cinque Terre National Park: Bestphotosite.net

Cinque Terre National Park: Bestphotosite.net

Your holiday trip to Italy won’t be complete without visiting the Cinque Terre National Park. Named after the five cliff towns overlooking the Mediterranean, Cinque Terre is located in LIguira. The smallest park in the country, the park is known for its breathtaking romantic views and rich culture. Cinque Terre is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.


 Triglav: Wikimedia.org

Triglav National Park: Wikimedia.org

Triglav is the only national park found in Slovenia. Located in the northwestern region of the country, the park offers stunning views of the Alpine expanse. In Triglav, you can ride a bike, hike, or paddle in the crystal-clear waters using a canoe. No matter your mode of transportation,Triglav is easy to explore—especially if you’ll start your journey from Bled, a town located near the park’s border. The village of Bled also offers wooden houses where you can snuggle with your loved one during Christmas.


Oulanka: Wikimedia.org

Oulanka National Park: Wikimedia.org

Founded in 1956, Finland’s Oulanka National Park is home to reindeer and a variety of rare plants and a stunning place to visit in any season. The Karhunkierros, a 80 kilometer-long trail that stretches through the country’s most-visited hiking areas, runs through the park. Park visitors have the option to stay overnight (for free) in the camping spots found along the route. Oulanka also has several canoeing routes on the Oulankajoki River.


Oulanka: Wikimedia.org

Oulanka: Wikimedia.org

Garrano ponies freely roam around this Portuguese national park.Domesticated versions of this horse are available to ride as you explore the park. Highlights of the trip include traveling on an ancient Roman road and exploring the many pools. After a full day of exploring, many tourists head to a nearby village for a glass of queimada.

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