Seven Handy Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean on a Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a good family road trip? The memories we share often wind up becoming just as memorable — or even more memorable — than the destination itself. Being together in a car anywhere from a few hours to several days is bound to connect us to those we shared the trip with.

Eating in the car, making pit stops, bringing along your bikes, making meal stops, and stopping for sights are almost universal experiences. Universal, too, however, is the simple truth that your car is bound to get rather dirty during your excursion. Covering both that shiny outside and the comfy interior, we’re sharing our tips for keeping your car clean while on a road trip

Use Weather-Resistant or Custom Mats

The majority of the road trip experience occurs within the interior of the car. There is often eating, drinking, and other miscellaneous trash that piles up over the duration of your road trip. What is occasionally overlooked is the debris and foreign materials that enter the car from just underneath your shoe.

Then you have the messes that occur inside your vehicle, too. Oh no, the dog had an accident! Oh no, someone spilled some soda! Spilled food, mud, snow, and dirt on the carpet are all unpleasant. Oils and other liquids have the potential to really make your interior carpet stain or smell, sullying up the interior very quickly.

The solution? Waterproof and weatherproof mats. Quality weatherproof mats are typically very durable and made from materials that can be cleaned with a simple spray wash or even a few wipes of cleaning towels. A lot of mats can also be custom fit with certain car makes and models, too, ensuring a perfect fit.

Bring Containers for Organization

The benefit of using containers on your car trip can’t be overstated. The right containers make sure the right objects go into the right places. Something as simple as a bag for trash can make your car much less dirty.

Instead of throwing trash on the floor or on your mat, it can go right where it won’t cause a mess: into the container itself. Containers for putting dirty shoes or items into also make it easier to organize items that would otherwise scatter around your vehicle and cause more clutter.

Don’t Forget a Car Vacuum

A designated car vacuum will remove debris that has already found itself in the valleys of seats, floors, and cubbies. The benefit of a car vacuum is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. If someone drops crumbs or other messy items, a handy car vacuum should be able to reach into the nooks and crannies to make cleanup a lot easier.

Store Food in a Holder

Traveling with your own food is a great way to save some money and enjoy your favorite meals. If you need to bring your own food, be sure you can keep it fresh. Carrying perishables is easy if you have a cooler. But, while coolers are very handy and practical, temperature-regulated food holders like car fridges or warmers will make traveling that much better. Many car fridges even have warming features built into them!

Spring for Car Wrapping

The vehicle you drive is more than just a machine that gets you from Point A to Point B. While we’ve already covered the interior protection and prevention, the outside of your car can equally be just as easily protected. Nervous to take your luxury car out for a road trip due to pebbles and bugs?

A Mercedes car wrap can help you set those fears aside. Now you can feel confident that your car is protected while still looking good — and no need to find another car for your trip! And the great feature about car wraps is that any car you want to protect is a candidate for car wrapping.

Grab Some Car Wipes

Keeping your car clean is easily achieved on the go with car wipes. While a good travel tip is as simple as finding a nearby car wash, sometimes you find yourself needing a quick detail in a pinch. If you’ve ever driven in the desert where dirt and bugs are magnetized to your windshield and lights, you understand the struggle.

While many wipes offer interior cleaning for dust and messes, some wipes offer exterior cleaning capability, as well. While you can optionally elbow grease debris with an old dirty t-shirt, wipes offer a car-safe and simpler approach to keeping the outside clean when road tripping.

Keeping Your Car Clean

The whole point of keeping a car clean during a road trip is to enjoy the time you spend with loved ones while on the road. While traversing the beaten paths, or the most scenic strips, there’s no reason to put cleaning on the backburner. With these tools, the trip becomes easier knowing there won’t be a stack of laborious cleanup awaiting your return.

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