Tips for a Stress-Free Road Trip

Thanks to the unruliness of children and traffic jams, getting behind the wheel to go on a family road trip can be quite stressful. However, here are some tips that will come in handy when planning a stress-free road trip:

Plan Your Route

Some people believe that getting lost increases the adventure and fun of a road trip but others would rather get to their destination without losing their way. You should plan your route using a map to avoid getting lost. Make sure that you mark the end and start points on the map as well as all your planned stops. You should not forget to find out which roads you need to avoid due to road works – doing so will allow you to save time and gas money. Relying on GPS only is not smart because some of them are not up to date.

Keep Children Entertained

Long journeys with kids in tow can be quite a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be. Are your little ones prone to being restless? Bring enough toys and games to keep them busy. For instance, a tablet computer will keep your child busy because it offers games, music, and movies. Sketchpads and coloring books are ideal for younger kids. If you want to have some family fun, you should engage your kids in games such as twenty questions.

Check the Car

Whether you are driving a rental or your own car, you should ensure that the car is in proper working order. Do not embark on your trip before checking the oil, screen wash, and coolant in the car. You also need to check the brakes, tire pressure, and lights.

If you are renting a car, you need to look at the bodywork and check for scratches and damage. Ensure that you take pictures of any defects before you leave: if the rental company tries to accuse you of causing the damage, you can show them these pictures.

Make a Playlist

If you want to feel relaxed throughout the trip, make a playlist with your favorite songs. You can create a compilation CD or playlist on your mp3 player or phone. Once you have it, you can sit back and crank up your stereo. If you want to take a break from music, you should download a few podcasts and audiobooks to keep yourself entertained as you drive.

Carry Snacks

Carry enough snacks to keep everyone full until you get to where you are going. Oat-based snacks and candy bars are great for keeping hunger at bay and helping you to stay awake when behind the wheel. If you want fruits, opt for those that do not require peeling and are easy to eat such as cherries, berries, and grapes. Dried fruits such as banana chips and apricots are another good choice for on-the-go snacks. Do not forget to pack an assortment of drinks for you and the kids so that you can remain hydrated.

Plan Toilet Breaks

There is nothing worse than needing to use the bathroom in the middle of the road trip without knowing how far away the toilets are. When planning your route, you should also look for areas with toilets along the way. Motorway service stations are a good choice but you should also look for public toilets in shopping centers and forests. If you are traveling very far and do not want to drive all the way there, consider private jet charter. Chartering a plane is not a reserve for millionaires only: ordinary people can afford it.