Unique Attractions Around Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve been to Sin City a few times over the years and, while the bright lights, entertainment, and attractions are a thing to see, there’s more to Vegas than The Strip.

RedRockCanyonFor instance, did you know the Zappos corporate headquarters is based out of Henderson, a sizeable suburb to the south and east of downtown? A progressive culture that supports employee work/life balance and placing the customer first has helped Zappos earn a spot in one of the FORTUNE 100 Companies to Work For® for the past six years.

Where to Stay

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People interested in embarking on a tour of the Zappos campus, have a few options to choose from. I, personally, have taken the Experience Plus Culture Q & A and the memory sticks with me today. When I launch my eventual startup, you can bet the Zappos way-of-thinking will influence my business decisions.

If you’ve ever flown into Las Vegas during the day, you may have noticed the majestic beauty of nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Drawing over a million visitors per year, this near 200,000 acre desert area features a 13-mile scenic drive and over 30-miles of hiking, biking, climbing, and horseback riding trails.

Red Rock Canyon’s main attraction is the sandstone rock formations that receive their color from iron oxide in the soil. Some of the mountains reach up to 3,000 feet. I visited Red Rock Canyon during a sunset and the experience cannot be accurately captured in a photograph. If you are looking for an excuse to get some daytime exercise, make sure and pack a water bottle and sturdy hiking boots with your evening attire.

A good friend of mine moved to Las Vegas and is now raising two kids. Like any city supporting over half a million permanent residents, expect you will find a fairly decent Children’s Museum. Located at 360 Promenade Place, the Discovery Children’s Museum features permanent and traveling exhibits along with special events like the upcoming SuperHeroes Day on Saturday, August 1.

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