Father’s Day Gifts For The Traveling Dad

So . . . I missed creating a Mother’s Day gift post. This was partly due to just a general loss of routine over the past month, and also partly due to not trusting how fast items ordered online would be delivered.

For instance, on April 6 I ordered two packs of cotton bandanas to make masks with. (Let’s be honest, I am not going to sew . . . ). Here we are, on May 7, and still no bandanas in sight. Amazon says I may not get then until June! Good thing I have a friend who made some hand-sewn masks.

One of the first things that I ordered when the quarantine became reality was a jigsaw puzzle and a roll-up mat (because I do not have table space large enough to allow us to keep a puzzle going at all times!). The mat came a few days ago. But again, Amazon is telling me I may not get the puzzle until June! By then, summer will be in full swing and the kids won’t care about doing puzzles any more (as if they ever actually did, hah!). But hey, maybe I’ll be set up for wintertime. Come on power outages! Am I joking? I’m not sure.

All that got me to thinking that unless you really planned ahead, Mom may not get anything more than a card in the mail this year. But it may not be too late to order gifts for Father’s Day. I looked around online to find some affordable Father’s Day gifts for men who love to travel, even if traveling may not happen this year. Father’s Day is June 21, so order now, and you just may get it in time!

These items were chosen with the notion that you might not be doing any actual traveling, but these are items we think he’ll still enjoy. And, because it’s more important then ever to stick to a budget, everything is under $20, as usual.

Father’s Day Gifts For Men Who Like to Travel

1. Punk Rock Dad Book

Every traveling Dad needs a Dad version of a “trashy beach read.” This one’s not trashy, though. But it is a funny account of a dad who is more likely to dye his hair blue than try to cover the gray. Whether the dad in your like was a former musician who traded the tour van for the minivan, or just wishes he had more adventures before settling down, he’ll enjoy this book.[$10.21, currently on sale]

2. Old Fashioned Rocks Glass With Map

This one is printed with a map of Chicago, but other cities are available too. You might not be able to fly, or even road trip, to your favorite cities come June, but you can at least pour him a whiskey and reminisce about how fun it was, that one time. [$16]

3. Travel Backgammon Kit

I’m imagining you taking this to the park or playground . . . maybe near your home, or maybe an hour or so away. If campgrounds don’t open up, perhaps you’ll simply play this in your backyard. Along with a picnic and perhaps a bottle of beer, you can while away the afternoon as if you were in some other place, far, far away. There are nicer, more expensive travel backgammon kits, including one just over $20, but I kept my promise! [$12]

4. Travel Cord Organizer

Even if you never take another trip again (which definitely won’t be the case), this travel organizer would be a great gift. Imagine how happy he will be to get the gaggle of cords to the phone, iPad, Kindle, whatever, all in one place. I imagine that would make you pretty happy too. [$17, currently on sale]

5. Travel-Friendly Electric Shaver

Only $16 for a mobile shaver? That sounded crazy to me, but the reviews on this are actually really great. Runs for 60 minutes on two AA batteries. Why not throw in a $11 travel shaving mirror too? He can use these things if you set up the tent in the backyard, and pretend that he’s in some cruddy far away national park bathroom with no hot water or electrical outlets. [$16]

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

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