Writer’s Guidelines

Road Trips for Families is trying to pound as many miles as possible, but we can’t go it alone. Do you have an idea for a road trip that families should know about? Have you taken a trip recently that our readers would enjoy? If you love the open road and want to write about it, let us know.

Only road trip- or destination-specific stories please.

We love to trade articles about road trips with established travel sites and companies that cover travel. If you’re a travel writer looking for an outlet for something road trip or destination specific, talk to us.

Our editorial policy is tough, because we pride ourselves on the quality of writing in our online magazine.

We’re interested in articles of 600-800 words with engaging photography. We’ll happily link back to your travel site and/or social media profiles, if applicable.

Worth noting:

Sound good? Read on for more in-depth guidelines.


Your article for Road Trips for Families should contain information of particular interest to families and road trips, although we do publish articles about overseas travel, railway travel, cruise ship travel, and specific destinations. We will always link back to your website or social media profile if you wish. We will guarantee placement of your story on our site as long as we have approved the topic ahead of time.

Once we have some experience with you, we will happily provide you with a letter of assignment so that you can seek out places to write about, new experiences to have, and destinations that will be interested in your article.


Our target length is 600-800 words. Please provide a minimum of three and a maximum of eight good photos that you have the rights to use.


When you submit your photos please label them with your name and a helpful description of what is in the photo so we know where to place it in the article. Please consider providing photo captions at the end of your article describing each of the photos.


Because we’re all about road trips, we’re interested in the hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts and campgrounds where you stayed, where you ate along the way, the places you hiked, the beaches you discovered, the shopping markets you found, and the swimming holes that you loved. Your article can focus on a single place, or include some round-ups.


Priority will be given to articles that include helpful travel tips. We love being able to share a favorite destination, but we also want to help people have the best travel experience that they can. We put more emphasis on stories that include tips for things that our readers want to know: how to travel on a budget, tips on traveling with children, ways to avoid trouble or hassle when traveling, culturally correct information or clothing information, or other local insight that others aren’t likely to know.


We only want to publish original material. You can republish your article somewhere else, as long as it is different from what we have on our site. We reserve the right to keep your article on our site in perpetuity.


Please include two to three lines about yourself that we can use at the end of the article to tell our readers a little about you.


Submissions are made by e-mail. Cut and paste content into the body of the e-mail. Please share your photos through a Dropbox or Google Drive link.


If you’re ready to write, please reach out to julie [at] roadtripsforfamilies.com