North Idaho’s Silverwood Theme Park

Perhaps best know as the home of Timber Terror, the famous above-and-below-ground roller coaster that travels at speeds of 55mph, Silverwood Theme Park is also the largest theme park in the Northwest United States. What to Bring If you’re planning…

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Family Vacation in Boise, Idaho

As far as capital cities go, Boise is one of our favorites. A thriving downtown districts boasts many independent pubs and eateries and stores selling local goods. Pedestrians and bicyclists meander the city streets, with a network of paths linking…

Sandpoint, Idaho – Rockies or Bust

The Sandpoint, Idaho area is the perfect road trip for families from anywhere in the Northwest, and it’s a great mid-point destination on longer trips. In the far northern part of the state, the Sandpoint area is one of our top recommendations for other road tripping families.