How to Move To a New State

The Statue of Liberty stands above New York's harbor.The Statue of Liberty stands above New York's harbor.

It’s a big old country out there, and one of the best things about living in the modern world is that, if you want to move to a new state, you can with relative ease. Just imagine how difficult it would have been to move across the country two hundred years ago — it was doable, but boy was it tough. These days, if you want to move to a new state, then you can have a reasonable expectation that it’ll be possible.

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From general planning to booking long distance movers, in this post, we’ve compiled some useful tips that’ll help to make your move as straightforward as possible.

Get The Full Picture 

Think you know a place just because you’ve visited it a couple of times? Think again. What you really got during your visit was a snapshot of what the place is like, not the full picture. We tend to wear rose-tinted glasses when we’re traveling, which means we elevate the good points and basically ignore the not-so-good aspects of the place. Before deciding to move somewhere, be sure to conduct plenty of research so that you have a clear idea of what it’s like to really live there. Once you have a list of the pros and cons, you’ll be able to make an informed decision

Book Temporary Accommodation

You’re moving to a new state, not visiting, so you’ll want to find a long-term place to stay. However, that shouldn’t happen immediately. It’s strongly recommended to book temporary accommodation for the first month or two before finding a permanent place. It’s a lot easier to get a sense of whether you want to live in a place or not once you’re there, rather than trying to do everything online — and plus, don’t forget that rental scams do exist, and they’re more likely online than in person!

Move Your Belongings

When you first travel to your new state, it’s best just to take a few bags with you to make it through the first couple of months. Once you have your permanent place, you can move all your belongings. There’s more than one way to do this, but most people find that it’s best to let the professionals do the work, so be sure to look up some moving companies that can transport your belongings safely and securely. Trust us when we say it’s a lot easier than trying to move all your goods by yourself!

Throw Yourself Into the Life

Finally, once you’re all there and settled in, be sure to throw yourself into your new life. It can be a little overwhelming to move somewhere new, but remember that you get out what you put in. If you’re planning to stay in your new state on a long-term basis, then it’s best to avoid the temptation to visit home for at least the first six months, even if you feel homesick. That’ll give you the time you need to really explore all that your new home has to offer — you’ll feel comfortable in no time at all.