Luxury Gulet Cruise in Turkey

Turkey is a gorgeous country that has many historical ruins, site-seeing places and of course, local attractions. However, there is nothing quite as idyllic as a luxury gulet cruise in Turkey. After boarding a Turkey luxury gulet, passengers spend their days sailing the beautiful coastline, exploring towns and small traditional villages, witnessing magnificent landscapes, and relaxing in style. This country has many elements that have been derived from the cultures of West Asia and Central Asian region and to some degree, Eastern European, which only goes to show that there is so much diversity in culture and heritage to be explored here.

This unique adventure can take you on a journey through the Aegean and Mediterranean seas that are also known by their nickname The Turquoise Coast. The nickname comes from the fact that sea is an unbelievable clear, stunning blue that changes its shades of turquoise depending on the time of the day. Your days will be filled with many activities and your route itself can be adapted to your likings. You see set off and start your cruise from one of the three main regions for blue cruises in Turkey: Fethiye, Marmaris, or Bodrum, and explore the many historical ruins and local attraction or perhaps get away from crowds on some private bays. All cruises can last seven days or more, and the main concept is really about enjoying life on the sea from the luxury of the beautiful gulet of your choice.  

Once you hop on board of your luxury boat you will see that every inch has been beautifully designed to provide the highest levels of luxury and comfort. The interior and exterior parts of the boat are both equally superb, decorated with elegant details that impart a sense of spaciousness. Most luxury gulet boats range in size from 112 feet up to 164 feet (34 up to 50 meters), and each has between five and eight luxurious cabins. Within these cabins, you can find en-suite bathrooms, lots of space for personal belongings and clothes and luxury amenities needed for ultimate comfort. Most gulets have air conditioning in the interior, although they are generally not needed, especially when sailing. These gulets are doubtlessly among some of the most impressive gulets in Turkey today. Outdoor areas commonly provide more than enough room for leisure time, while the deck holds appointed dining areas which are ideal for socializing with your friends and loved ones during the gulet cruise. 

During the journey, you will be accompanied by the professional crew that usually consists of the captain, who will have his deckhands. There is also the personal chef, who will prepare all the exquisite meals that are served on deck. Service will always be up to the highest standards because your comfort and safety is always a number one priority. 

Many people also often have the misconception that they will be bored during gulet cruises, which is not true. Luxury gulets are equipped with spacious lounges, large decks that have a jacuzzi or a small pool for relaxing, and romantic nights under millions of stars. These boats also offer fun water toys such as jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, and other toys that are perfect for those who want to stay active and have fun on the water. When you finish having fun on the gulet thanks to the motorized dinghy boat, you can be taken ashore to explore coastal resorts and historical sites, bars, or whatever your preference is for the given day. 

This type of luxury cruise is simply designed to provide everyone on board with an unforgettable cruise experience so everyone truly enjoy in comfort and luxury ambiance during the whole cruise.

The luxury gulet cruise will let you unwind and enjoy a memorable holiday with your loved ones that you will cherish for the rest of your life.