The Absolute Travel Kit You Need For Your Travels

When you travel, it’s important to be prepared. You want to have a clear itinerary and bring everything you need to have a great time. One way to ensure you have everything is to bring a travel kit with you on your next adventure. But what do you bring? Here is the absolute travel kit you need for your travels.

1. Power Source

What happens if your phone dies while traveling and you lose your charger? You need your phone to be able to communicate with other people in the case of an emergency. You should bring an extra phone charger or a power source to get you back into contact with people if necessary.

2. Extra Socks and Underwear

You want to have extra socks and underwear with you in the case that you lose your luggage or get dirty in some way. You’ll be able to make yourself feel comfortable until you can find a more permanent solution.

3. First-Aid Kit

It’s one thing to get injured at home, but it’s another thing to get injured while traveling. You need to be sure you can tend to the injury. Bring a first aid kit with bandages, basic medicine, and other necessities. You should also be prepared with what you will do in the case of a serious injury. Know where the local medical clinic is and how to contact emergency services.

4. Flashlight

You don’t want to find yourself stuck in the dark. Literally. Bring a flashlight to help you in the case that you do end up in a location with limited light. It should come with extra batteries or a crank just in case. Cell phone flashlights just don’t offer the light you need in some situations, so don’t rely on that.

5. Water Bottle

When traveling, you don’t know when you may find yourself further away from a drink than you’d like. You also don’t want to force everyone else to stop just because you are thirsty. You want a water bottle that is large and keeps things cold for you until you need it. The Go Berkey Kit has everything you need for clean, cold water no matter where you are.

6. Entertainment

Traveling is exciting. However, there will obviously be some down time. You don’t want to be stuck bored at these moments. For that reason, you should be prepared with plenty of entertainment for yourself. Bring a book or a tablet for something to read or games. This is even more important if you are traveling with young children.

7. Toiletries

Not everywhere you go will have things like shampoo and soap. If you need to buy this at your destination, it could be quite expensive. Bring your own toiletries to keep you clean. Get a toiletry kit or pack your own favorites.

8. Extra Money

If you lose your money while traveling, it can be devastating for you. Make a point to bring extra money in your travel kit. If you pack cash, make sure you put it somewhere waterproof so it doesn’t accidentally get damaged. Put the money somewhere no one would suspect it.

9. Utility Knife

You want to have a knife with you in the case of an emergency, but a regular knife just won’t do. You never know when you’ll need a tool you didn’t expect to bring with you. Bring a utility knife or a hiking knife with a number of different tools that can help you in a variety of different situations whether you need to open a bottle of champagne or a can of tuna.

10. Documents

You’re going to run into trouble if you’re traveling and can’t prove who you are. Make sure you pack and carefully place identification and other travel documents you need somewhere in your travel kit. It’s best to keep them all together so that no one can lose theirs.

You never know what could happen while traveling. This travel kit will help you stay safe and comfortable during your troubles under any situation. Accordingly, you need a travel backpack that is light and built for traveling, with space for all travel must-haves and accessories. And when you’re traveling with children, expect and be prepared to pack everything.