12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Road Tripper

Where Should We Camp Next book

As December has creeped in quicker than you can say Holy Night, the panic for holiday shopping has started to set in. If you don’t want to gift your friends or family members with another pair of socks this holiday (unless they are these super cute road trip socks), look no further. We are here to help!

There are plenty of innovative, creative, and practical gifts available for that special someone who loves road tripping as much as you. Check out these 12 fantastic road trip gift ideas.

For Something More Practical

Yeti Backpack Cooler

This 22-35L cooler will fit all of your packed lunches for a whole family, and even your beverages for a day! It comes in five colors, and unlike most coolers, it can fit comfortably on your back. It’s definitely on the pricey side, but is ideal for those serious road trippers and hikers. For some tips on how to make a hiking trip for fun for your kids, check out this post.

Car cup holder expander + detachable food tray

Say goodbye to messy meals on your lap on your cross-country trips. This multifunctional cup holder has a 360-degree rotation tray to hold your phone, food, or even dental flossers! Why make additional stops to safely get the tools you need for your trip, when you can have it right by your side? This comes with a single cup/tray option or double.

Where Should We Camp Next? Guidebook

This guidebook is a great gift for campers and outdoorsy types. The authors make it easy for you to plan your next budget-friendly trip for your family. It features more than 300 outdoor accommodations for you to park your RV, tent, or yurt.

Backseat car organizer mats

This one is for your sanity and your kids’ convenience. The organizer features 8 large pockets for storage of snacks, games, books, and drinks. The mat is easy installation, waterproof and scratch resistant  You won’t be hearing whines from your kiddos as they scramble for their Game Boy or their snacks, as everything will be right there in front of them.

All-in-one car trash can with tissue holder

For someone who really appreciates gadgets, this trash can for your car is a must-have. It includes two removable liners, handy mesh pockets on the sides, and a built-in tissue box holder. With a 40.2 inch adjustable strap, you can hang this anywhere, or just place it on the ground.

For Something More Creative

LCD Writing tablet for kids

This drawing pad features a screen that does not give off a glare or radiation, so it is gentle for their eyes. It can be used over and over again, so no wasting markers or paper – great for environmentalists! The built-in battery can be used for over a year and a half, and doesn’t require frequent charging.

Travel Journal

This travel planner is ideal for the detail-oriented traveler or anyone who wants to document some of their precious memories! Organize your memories with bucket lists, photos, or tips for future travelers. This journal is good for up to 15 trips and is linen-bound hardcover made to last.

Kids travel tray

For kids who need a little more than a writing and drawing tablet, this travel tray really takes the cake – in fact, if your kiddo wanted to eat cake, they could without crumbs ending up all over the floor! The tray has 14 different pockets, 5 original printed games, bonus markers and activities and can be folded up and taken with you.

50 Cool Things to do in a Car : Chronical Books on-the-go

This portable tin box will keep any kid 5 and up entertained and mentally stimulated with 50 Brain Quest-type games. This is an excellent gift as a stocking stuffer and is a “screen-free boredom buster.”

For Something More Fun

Original U.S. State Vintage magnet set

Made in the USA, this magnet set is great for a serious road tripper who wants to travel the continental US and have a magnet for each state! Each magnet is made with rubber, and is produced by Ideaman, Inc, the manufacturers of the original souvenir magnets. The collector’s magnetic board is available here.

Funny Bumper Stickers

These are a variety of fun bumper stickers for any road tripper, to take the edge off from aggressive drivers or travel stress.

“The closer you get, the slower I drive”
“If you’re happy and you know it clap your…oh” Dinosaur mug

“Please let me merge before I start crying”

Coffee Mugs

Personalized coffee mug for every kind of road tripper!

“Queen of the RV”

“Route 66”

“Road trip”

“…and so the Adventure Begins!”


Holiday gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful. We hope some of these gifts caught your eye for perfect gifts for fellow road trippers – we know they have caught ours!

May you have a Happy Holiday and Happy Trails!