Dealing With Unresolved Relationship Issues

Relationships can be challenging in even the best of times. And as most of the world comes out of two months or more of quarantining and social distancing, even the healthiest pre-COVID relationships could be strained to the max. Some people who have symptoms of COVID-19, or who have been exposed to people with symptoms may still be quarantining, even as some parts of the world start taking short road trips again. 

An indefinite amount of time stuck together with kids and partners can have a serious effect on your mental health and can reinforce unresolved issues in relationships. Consider online therapy to save your relationship when you can’t visit a therapist face-to-face: .

It’s okay to admit that you may not be sure if your relationship can survive post-quarantine. Couples therapy exists to help you and your partner if you’re struggling. Luckily, many therapists were already offering video counseling, but in the wake of the global shutdown, many counselors are providing mental health services online via text chat, video, and phone.

During the quarantine, relationships that were already struggling could have progressed to breaking up, divorce, or at least separation. And to make things more difficult, many of our support systems are unavailable or otherwise unhealthy. For instance, a relationship that ended may result in one partner being left alone. Their support system may be unavailable because they can’t just head to lunch with their parent or best friend to talk things over like they could before. That leaves social media as the outlet for many people, which can quickly and easily lead to anxiety and depression. 

Taking advantage of mental health care services online is a good way to overcome relationship challenges. If you’re stuck at home with relationship problems and you need help coping, consider a few out-of-the-box activities. One good thing is that nearly everything has morphed into having an online component nowadays. So if you’re into improv, there may be a Zoom meeting for a comedy troupe. If you have a skill, now may be the time to start creating an online teaching course. Learn a new skill, like coding. Keep yourself occupied. But most importantly, know that if you’re struggling and stuck at home, things will eventually change and there is no “timeline” for when you should feel back to normal again. 

Try to get out in nature. Even if you can’t take that road trip or plane trip you’ve been dreaming of, you can always go for a walk. Even getting out and walking around your neighborhood helps release endorphins and reduces anxiety. Do a puzzle. Or watch some comedy skits online to make yourself laugh. Laughing is a mood enhancer because it increases endorphins and reduces depression. 

If none of these things work and you want to try online therapy, click that link above. The ReGain platform has a wide variety of licensed professionals that are ready to help you with whatever relationship struggle you are currently facing.