Explore the Northeast with an Awesome Road Trip From Delaware

Delaware might be one of the smallest states, but its location on the east coast means it’s perfectly positioned to explore the northeast region. If you’re looking for a short road trip of a few hours, you’ll find plenty without leaving Delaware. But if you’re willing to go further, you can easily leave Delaware and pay a visit to several other states nearby. Delaware borders Pennsylvania to the north, with New Jersey to the east across the Delaware River and Maryland to the west and south. That gives you so much opportunity to explore not just the beautiful state of Delaware but also its close neighbors.

Wilmington to Philadelphia, PA

Wilmington, Delaware’s most populous city, is a fantastic place to start for any road trip. Head out of Wilmington and it won’t be long before you hit Pennsylvania, with Philadelphia just a 40-minute drive away. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to take detours and extend your trip. The Brandywine River Museum is worth diverting for, located only 20 minutes north of Wilmington in Chadds Ford, PA. Once you get to Philadelphia, if you don’t get too distracted along the way, there’s a huge amount to do in the city, from getting a Philly cheesesteak to visiting the Museum of Art.

New Castle to New York, NY

Start in New Castle and you could be in the Big Apple in a little more than two hours. It might not be far away, but it will definitely feel like it once you reach the bustling city from the relatively much quieter New Castle. On your way, you could detour to Wilmington or Philadelphia, Trenton, Newark or perhaps some smaller stops to check out what they have to offer. Of course, in New York City you’re definitely not going to be short on things to do. Whether you’re a culture vulture, a sports fanatic or looking for the best food and drink, NYC has it in spades.

Laurel to Deal Island, MD

Not everyone is looking for a road trip that will take them to a large, busy city. If it’s a quieter escape you’d prefer, a trip from Laurel to Deal Island in Maryland could help you find peace and quiet. This fishing community is less than an hour from Laurel, making it the perfect road trip destination for a single day or even less. You could always make it a longer trip from Wilmington or somewhere else further north to extend it. Once you arrive, spend time watching the boats or enjoy a wonderful dockside meal.

North Star to Martinsburg, WV

The drive from North Star to Martinsburg, WV takes roughly two and a half hours, leaving you with plenty of time to explore if you want to get back within the same day. You’ll pass through Baltimore on the way, or you could choose to take the slightly longer I-81 route that has no tolls and will take you via towns such as Lancaster and Carlisle in PA and Hagerstown and Williamsport in MD.

Get to know the northeast by starting in Delaware and heading out to nearby towns and states to discover what’s on offer along the way.

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-vehicles-on-road-during-golden-hour-2119163/