Parkos Technology Is Changing the Way You Park Your Car at the Airport

Balancing your travel dreams and your safety can be a challenging task. There are many things to worry about with an itinerary and whether you can actually do the things you plan to do or not, but parking your car should never be part of the things you have to worry about. Therefore, embrace technology because it will help you know where you can find the right parking spot for your car around the airport. After reserving the space and making your payment online, you can now drive there and park your car as you wait for your flight.

That’s precisely what Parkos does for you. The airport car-parking service provider employs modern technology that helps many people who are taking flights to safely park their car. This technology connects vehicles to the parking lot. It ensures that you have a place where you can keep your vehicle around the airport so that you can concentrate on the crucial things such as your documents and flights. This technology gives you peace of mind and allows you to maneuver around different airports, including Jacksonville (JAX) and Philadelphia (PHL).

Car Parking Packages

Most airports offer you short and long airport parking packages. But there are more options that you can choose from:

Long stay airport parking

You can find a car parking company and then hire them to keep your car as you go on your journey. The long-stay airport parking system allows you to park your car a few miles from the airport and then take a bus there.

The short-stay parking

There are times when you want to park your car at a place that’s adjacent to the airport. In most cases, this should be just walking distance or a few blocks away from the airport. The short and medium-stay parking package allows you to do this.

Terminal airport parking

Sometimes your airline flight provider might have a terminal-parking spot for its clients. Many options have designated spaces for specific vehicles. You should liaise with them to find out if their specifications fit your car model.

Meet and greet parking

Also known as the Valet Parking system, this is one of the most convenient methods you can get. In this case, you call the car parking company, and they send a driver to you. Then, when you get to the airport, you will meet with the company’s agent who will take the car keys and go to park the car. You will proceed with your flight until you come back and get your keys again. The security of your vehicle is guaranteed and insured by the car parking company.

Short-term parking

There are car owners who only want to fly away for a few hours and then they’ll be back in the evening. This means that they want to pack it for you as they wait for you to pick it later. The short-term option is, of course, rated in terms of hours.

Long-term parking

In some instances, you want to travel for a week or two and then come back and pick your car. This means you will need a long-term parking package. In this case, you will pay depending on the time that you are car stays there.

Benefits of Using Parkos

Traveling with your crucial documents and luggage can be stressful, especially when you might be in a situation where you are walking a distance to your car. If you are faced with parking, then walking, but you’re not sure where you are going to end up, that’s even more stressful. To beat the anxiety, you need to be able to park your vehicle safely. Booking an airport parking spot in advance will reduce the stress that comes with staying on time and catching your flight.

Parkos’ new technology lets you compare different parking spaces at the airport and then choose one that works for you. This ensures that you, your documents, and your vital luggage is transported to your destination with no hassle

You may be thinking about using public transport systems after you park your car, either before you get to the airport or after you land in your destination. Often, this works. But also often, the schedule is not convenient for many travelers. It can look conspicuous to be taking the train or bus with loads of baggage. When you are able to easily transfer yourself from the flight into your own car, you can be safe and not worry.

The parking process is smooth

When you use the Parkos service, you will enjoy the seamless process of booking a parking spot for your car at the airport. Not only is it quick but also efficient in that it connects you to your airport space provider from the comfort of your phone. You no longer have to keep driving around the airport trying to find a place to park your car.

Instead, you just log onto the company’s website and compare different parking lots. When you have chosen the right spot and price, you can pay using your card or other gateways. The good thing is, you can compare the airport parking rates system such as hourly, daily, or weekly.

Your car security is guaranteed

Gone are the days when airports experienced car theft cases. These days, they have taken stringent measures to ensure everyone is safe. So, you have nothing to worry about that your car could get stolen. You can, therefore, drive to the airport and park your vehicle conveniently as you go on to catch your flight. Plus, don’t forget you are leaving the car in the hands of a dedicated agency.

Save money

Traveling often means spending a lot of money, and if you find a way to cut down on the costs then you should embrace it. The majority of people research on the internet about the best travel packages, most affordable hotels, and affordable flights. Unfortunately, they usually overlook the impact of parking and parking-related fees. But, it would help if you considered using the Parkos technology that helps you to compare different parking space providers and then choose one that is both affordable and convenient for you. And you could get a discount when you reserve your spot on the internet. You also find a direct route to where you’re going as opposed to having to drive around the airport.

In brief, always consider researching your airport car parking space as much as you do on hotels and flights. You want to have a safe and convenient travel but also to enjoy your peace of mind. Parkos technology makes airport car parking easy for first-timers and anyone else. You can find this airport parking options around Jacksonville (JAX) and Philadelphia (PHL) airports.