Top 100 Family Campgrounds

Our friends at ReserveAmerica have just released their list of the Top 100 Family Campgrounds. Looking at the list and comparing to those we’ve crossed off our personal “To Do” list, it’s apparent just how many great campgrounds we have in this country.

The only downside to ReserveAmerica’s site is that not all states list their campgrounds in the ReserveAmerica┬ásystem. This should be fairly apparent when you go to search for a campground in, say, South Dakota (not currently in the ReserveAmerica system). But, it’s not really apparent when you look at their Top 100 list, which only lists member state campgrounds. Therefore, there are some notable missing campgrounds in the “best of” lists, such as those in Custer State Park.

But, it’s definitely a great place to get some ideas and plan your next road trip. This year, the Top 100 list also includes enthusiast categories:

Top 25 Amazing Locations
Top 25 Kid-Friendly Parks
Top 25 Educational and Historical Facilities
Top 25 Biking Trails

Top 25 Bird Watching Spots
Top 25 Canoeing Spots
Top 50 Fishing Spots
Top 50 Hiking Trails
Top 20 Horse-Friendly Parks

Top 25 Park Beaches
Top 25 Picnic Areas

Top 25 Romantic Spots
Top 50 Scenic Views
Top 25 Tours & Events
Top 25 Unique Cabins
Top 25 Water Recreation Parks

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Top 100 Family Campgrounds