Why This Is the Best Time to Become a Digital Nomad

A digital nomad is a location-independent person. A digital nomad travels while working, using available technology. To put it simply, they use the internet to work while traveling. These people don’t have any office space, and they can work from anywhere.

For instance, they can work from a hotel room, coffee shop, library, airport, and coworking spaces. A digital nomad usually doesn’t stay in one place for more than three months. They keep traveling. 

These people also do not have any ‘home’. They mostly are rent-free, mortgage-free, and utility bills-free. A digital nomad can work in any field that can be done digitally, like copywriting, blogging, digital marketing, virtual assistants, social media manager, graphic designers, editors, or Instagram influencers. 90% of digital nomads are highly satisfied with their work-life balance.  

Pandemic and the Digital Nomad

Coronavirus pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill. Life was not easier for digital nomads also. Many had to cancel their travel plans and stay in one place. It was especially hard for travel bloggers, vloggers, and influencers.

However, there is also a silver lining to the pandemic. Remote working became a ‘new normal’ during the pandemic. More and more people took up assignments and became digital nomads.

 Companies also realized that work can get done even remotely. There is no need for everyone to come to the office every day. Companies saved money on rented spaces, electricity, and other utilities.

Employees also saved time traveling to and from work. Employees could spend more time with their own families. By finding jobs at home with computer they could work in their pajamas whenever they wanted to. This opened up a whole new world to all those people who were earlier skeptical about the digital nomadic lifestyle.

They were afraid to work from an informal ambiance, but the pandemic showed that productivity doesn’t deplete in an informal setting. On the contrary, many people realized that there was an untapped potential that they had never explored. Working remotely allowed them to think out of the box.

Life in 2021 for a Digital Nomad

A digital nomad in 2021, may not be able to travel across continents but they do get the opportunity to be more flexible with their time. More people are now inclined towards starting their entrepreneurial ventures or start working as a freelancer. This would mean that they get more flexibility on how and when they want to work.

They can now start working for more than one client, make more money and most importantly spend on things that they love. They no longer need to work 9-5 jobs. Instead, they can use their time to learn new things or rekindle their hobbies and passion.

How the World Is Accepting the Digital Nomads in 2021

The entire world has now accepted the new remote style of working. The tourism industry was hit badly during the pandemic, but now the industry is coming up with innovative plans to attract remote employees.

Instead of focusing on short-stay tourists, the tourism industry is now focusing on these digital nomads and inviting them to come and stay for longer durations. Countries are giving long-term visas to attract digital nomads.

Hotels are offering discounts on longer stays. Instead of renting out hotel rooms for a few days, many hotels are offering people to stay and work for months.

Selina Hotel Miami River, Florida, is one of the hotel chains that has come up with attractive offers for the digital nomad community. Here a digital nomad can come and stay indefinitely. They are offering travelers a unique opportunity to come to stay and work from their property for as long as they wish to.

The room options at this Florida hotel are also unlike any other hotel. Here they offer bedroom apartments, family rooms for a family of four, and micro apartments for single travelers. Check out these apartments for rent in Oxnard.

They are offering a month-by-month rental program instead of day check-in and check-out. A traveler can live in 3 different Selina locations within a month. The best part is that digital nomads are given a coworking space from where they can work.

The new world is adapting to numerous changes. We are all adjusting to a new lifestyle. Gradually more and more people are getting inclined towards the nomadic lifestyle. They are loving and enjoying the flexibility that they get when they work remotely.

Becoming a digital nomad means it gives you the liberty to work and travel. Do things that you love to do, meet new people, eat new food, and enjoy life as much as possible. No wonder for most people, the life of a digital nomad is a dream job and lifestyle.

Feature photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/women-working-digital-startup-4631494/