10 Ways You Can Plan The Best Family Vacation

Family vacations are really important. Britain’s leading child psychologist, Oliver James, stated that “parents should not be wasting hundreds of pounds on toys; instead, they should spend their money on vacations.” Children enjoy family vacations both in the present and in their memories for a long time.

Holidays with your children are supposed to be fun, adventurous, and relaxing, so sit back and read our tried and tested top suggestions to help you plan the perfect holiday for you and the family, regardless of your children’s ages.

Learn From Prior Vacations

Consider prior vacations and travels (including days out and weekends away) and consider what worked well and what didn’t. When you get home from a trip, write a quick review of your own family vacation so you can remember what the positives were, what everyone truly enjoyed, and what you wouldn’t do again. It will be really useful when it comes to organizing the next vacation. For example, if your kids showed an interest in the people surfing on your last vacation, you could look at Surf Camps for your next. 

What Accommodation Is Best For Your Family?

Do you prefer self-catering or all-inclusive accommodations? This is dependent on whether or not you want to be able to cook while you’re away. When we’re on vacation, part of the enjoyment for us is going to local markets, looking at the many things available, and cooking together. Self-catering is typically less expensive, therefore cost is likely to play a role in this decision. Road trips can also be a great way to rethink your accommodation for your next trip. 

Make Sure You Research 

If you’ve decided on a specific place, spend some time researching what’s going on there at the time of year you’ll be there. For example, would there be any unique festivals that may alter the price of the accommodation? What would the weather be like at that time of year? If the weather is expected to be hot, be sure your lodging has air conditioning. You may also want to have a look at things such as the kid’s clubs so you are able to have some adult time. Looking at reviews online or taking advice from family and friends is also a great way to find new destinations to visit. 

Talk To The Kids 

If you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few different locations, talk to the kids about it and get their thoughts on the location or sort of vacation they’d prefer. Our children frequently come up with very good ideas and things we hadn’t considered. If you have a secondary school-aged child, they may appreciate the opportunity to practice the new language that they are learning.

Get The Kids To Research Too

When you’ve finally chosen a place, if your children are of a certain age, have them make a little project about where you’re going. Go to the library or use a kid-friendly search engine to learn about everything there is to do in that town or city. Get them to put together a small PowerPoint presentation that they may show to the rest of the family. That way, they’ll be even more thrilled about the vacation before they leave, and they’ll enjoy bragging to the rest of the family when you get to see the places or things they’ve told you about.

Look At Something Different 

We all have a tendency to gravitate toward what we are familiar with, the path of least resistance, our comfort zone. We return to the same location since we know where the businesses are and the kids enjoy it. They say that a change is as beneficial as a rest, so why not try a different type of vacation? ‘Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never visited before,’ stated the 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalai_Lama. Consider taking the kids on an interesting road trip, safari, or vacation where you may try new physical activities together. It could range from white water rapids to something a little gentler, such as stand-up paddling. You never know what the kids and you will appreciate unless you try it.

Don’t Rule Out A City Break

A vacation does not have to be a fortnight away in the summer. Why not plan a weekend city break? A weekend away, in addition to being a cost-effective method to travel during the school year, will provide delightful memories that rival any longer vacation further afield. However, keep in mind your children’s ages, as younger children may not like this type of vacation.

Visit Multi Destinations

If you can’t decide, why not combine two sorts of vacations into one? You may fly into a city, spend a few days seeing it, and then leave the city using public transportation or a rented car to tour the countryside or surrounding beaches for another week or two.

Don’t Forget To Eat Like The Locals

As part of the planning process, have your children research what kinds of foods are grown and eaten in the country you’ll be visiting. While you’re there, encourage your children to immerse themselves in the local culture by exploring markets and restaurants and sampling some of the local cuisines. Even picky eaters may become more adventurous and willing to try new things.

Make Use Of Guided Tours 

Many families are dubious about guided tours however, they can be a great way to find out more about the location you are visiting. It also gives your kids the chance to ask their own questions. Various types of guided tours are available, including walking tours, food tours, and activity tours, and most of them are suitable for families.

These tips should help when it comes to planning your next family vacation. Have you made any plans for this year or next? Please share some of your ideas and plans in the comments below, we would love to hear!

Feature Photo Credit: Aliko Sunawang on Unsplash