6 Reasons Why New Zealand is the Perfect Road Trip Destination

Road Trip to New Zealand

Though it’s a long trip for most travelers, New Zealand is still a popular holiday destination. It’s not hard to see why. With amazing scenery, loads to do and friendly locals, New Zealand has a little something for everyone. Even Kiwis themselves are enamored with their home—more than 60% of New Zealanders took at least one domestic holiday in 2014.

Caravanners may find New Zealand especially welcoming. Kiwis love a good road trip, making it easy and affordable for visitors to take advantage of the scenic highways and back roads that stretch from north to south.

Here are six great reasons to visit New Zealand for your next road trip adventure:
1. It’s road trip friendly.

The camper van holiday is a Kiwi tradition that tourists have cottoned on to as well. This means you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to renting a vehicle for your family’s adventure. Everything from the humble “camper car” right up to more luxurious motorhomes can fit just about any size family or budget. Many rentals come stocked with basic dishes for cooking and dining, bath towels, bed linens and cleaning supplies, making the experience even easier!

2. It’s a safe country.

New Zealand is an ideal holiday destination for many people, in part because it’s so safe. It has a relatively low crime rate and an excellent health care system. Caravanners may find the narrow, curvy roads in some parts of the country a challenge, but most are well kept and include plenty of signage to help you find your way. As long as you pay attention and obey all traffic signs, you should be fine. And unlike its neighbor, Australia, New Zealand isn’t home to deadly animals or insects. In fact, it and Ireland are the only two countries in the world that don’t have snakes.

3. The scenery is gorgeous.

Fans of The Lord of the Rings films already know that New Zealand has some of the most breathtaking scenery on Earth. Many scenic views are found off the beaten path, but the landscapes viewable from the main roads are often just as spectacular. Between the North and South Islands, New Zealand boasts an impressive variety of landscapes. Visitors can experience mountains, glaciers, beaches, rainforests, caves, waterfalls and much more!

4. The country is rich in culture & history.

Maoris—New Zealand’s original inhabitants—have a vibrant culture and history. Cultural shows showcase traditional dances, music and songs whilst teaching visitors about Maori history. Since British discovery, the nation has also developed a unique blend of cultures from around the world. Visitors will find an impressive range of cuisines in New Zealand’s cafes and restaurants, especially in the major cities.

5. There are plenty of family-friendly activities.

Not only is there loads to see in New Zealand, there’s plenty to do as well. Outdoor activities are especially popular. Walking is a common pastime there, with hiking paths located around the country to suit all experience levels. Visitors can also enjoy things like cycling, kayaking and skiing. If your family isn’t sporty, there’s still tons of entertainment on offer. They might enjoy some spectacular stargazing on the South Island or a visit to Hobbiton, one of the movie sets used during the filming of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies!

6. There’s something for the grown-ups, too.

New Zealand is great for families, but there are plenty of activities for parents as well. The country is known for its wine regions, where world-class whites are produced. Winery tours offer a peek into the wine-making process and an opportunity to sample the finished product. New Zealand’s unique geography makes it a geothermal hot spot. Natural hot pools are located on both North and South
Island. Some require payment to access, but many are still accessible free-of-charge.

A world away

If you’re looking for your next great road trip, consider moving New Zealand to the top of your list. The flight there may be long, but it’s worth the trip. There’s so much to see and do in this beautiful country, and no better way to experience it than from the road!

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