Articles by Matt

Teachable Moments with the Kelly Kettle

A friend of mine says guys who like to smoke pipes do so simply for the pleasure of lighting and maintaining a small fire in their hand. The irresistible appeal of fire is probably one of the reasons some people like camping too. What is it about fire that it draws people like moths to a flame?

Our National Parks – There’s More Than You Think

When folks think of national parks, images of Yellowstone (or Jellystone, for that matter) and Yosemite come quickly to mind. These are the quintessential parks, offering campgrounds, trails for hiking, stunning roadside scenery, and places to unload your picnic basket. (Ain’t that right, Boo Boo?) But the National Park Service oversees many different kinds of sites—from National Monuments to National Seashores.

Camp Cooking: Going Dutch!

One of the biggest jobs associated with camping as a family is keeping everyone fed. Hot dogs over the fire are easy enough, and a variety pack of those little cereal boxes make breakfast as easy as pulling a jug of milk from the cooler. But go the extra mile with one or two meals and camping becomes an outing everyone looks forward to, and cooking can keep everyone involved.

Colorado Springs: In Any Weather

The Pikes Peak region, which includes Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, beckons to travelers. For many, Colorado Springs is what they expected to find in Denver—a city tucked into the foothills, right smack up against the mountains. We’ve divvied our itinerary, separating outdoor activities for sunny days from ways to escape nature’s fickle nature.