Family-Friendly Tour Companies in Chicago

To understand Chicago, you must meet the people who work there, live there, and call it home. With options for walking, public transit, and private transportation, here are three of our favorite Chicago-based tour companies.

Family Vacation in Rockford, Illinois

Southern neighbor of Beloit, Wisconsin, Rockford, Illinois is about an hour and a half drive from Chicago, Milwaukee, or Madison. Home of the adorable sock monkey, Road Trips for Families ventured to Illinois for a weekend vacation. In the spirit of monkey business, here are some kid-friendly places to “hang out” the next time you are Rockford with kids.

Family Dining in Rockford, Illinois

Family dining options are plentiful in Rockford, Illinois. Family-owned, local favorites range from “hidden gems” to “reservations required”. With many restaurants conveniently located near the interstate corridor, this Feed Me review is an appetizer to get you started.