Aliens in Oregon: McMinnville UFO Festival

Portland, Oregon lays claim to general weirdness, but nearby McMinnville embraces quirky for a long weekend each May. Published in LIFE magazine in 1950, grainy black-and-white photos taken in at the Trent family farm in the outskirts of McMinnville are…

Exploring Enterprise, Joseph, and Lostine, Oregon

One of the best parts of road tripping is that while you enjoy the journey, you can stop to learn about what’s around you.Instead of just flying over the heartland and looking at the farms that grow food for the world, you can stop, talk to farmers and ranchers and decide what your family needs to do to eat healthier.

Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory — Expert Itinerary

The Mt. Hood Territory region of Oregon is one of the most beautiful road trips in the US. You can explore the region with less than 100 miles of actual road trip distance and it’s great for a weekend or partial-week trip. The scenery is world-class, but the region is also so flexible that each season offers different attractions and opportunities to explore the area, that you could return several times a year and take a totally different trip. We love it for families because of that flexibility and the short driving distance between each point.