How to Save Petrol on Your European Family Road Trip

Especially in Europe, fuel certainly doesn’t come cheap, and road trips can actually turn out to be quite expensive. To save on petrol costs, load up the car with games, music, snacks, and blankets and follow these simple tips to save fuel consumption, cash, and the help the environment at the same time. And as you’re traveling around Europe—on some of the most incredible road trip locations in the world—make sure that your entire family has a European medical insurance card and remain protected at all times.

Avoid The Rush

Not only is it stuffy, frustrating and downright boring when you get stuck in a traffic jam, it also means you will end up using more fuel. Stopping and starting in traffic means your car needs to constantly heave itself into first gear, requiring a huge amount of fuel to do so. Avoid rush hour and, if you are able to be a little more flexible, check traffic updates for accidents and roadworks before heading off to cut down on fuel costs—and time, of course!

Upgrade Your Wheels

Although expensive as a one off payment, if you are a regular road tripper, buying a new car could be the answer to a much cheaper way of traveling. Consider a hybrid, which uses less fuel than petrol or diesel and stick to a manual—automatic cars use 10% to 15% more fuel over time—for a much more cost effective way to travel.

Streamline Your Vehicle

You are likely to find yourself on the motorway on your next family road trip, and small changes to the shape of your car can make a huge difference to how much fuel you use by reducing the drag of the car while you’re on there. Although tempting to leave them open, close those windows and sun roofs when out on the open road in order to streamline drag and reduce petrol usage.

Lose The Baggage

Much like the human body, cars need more fuel to move around heavy weight, so try not to stuff the boot of the vehicle with items you don’t really need. Stick to the basics and save on fuel.

Switch Off the Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can make road trips in the summer far more bearable, but turning it on uses up lots of excess gas. Turn it off or down when it’s not sweltering to save on cash.

Drive Slowly

Speed limits are there to keep us safe, but they also help to reduce fuel costs. Although tempting to speed up to try and reduce journey time if you’re in a rush or the children are getting bored, don’t. The faster you go, the more fuel you use.