Must Have Gadgets for International Travel

In our few journeys around the world, we’ve established a list of “must haves” for the family adventuring in countries with unique requirements for electricity, units of measurement, and even dress codes. While you can pick up many of these items on the go, it’s nice to have a few key gadgets stashed in your suitcase for that first few days of jet lag in a different time zone.

Consider these three scenarios:

61e8bGzFanL._SX522_Charging your Mobile Device

Let’s face it, anymore our mobile devices are our connection with the world around us. Thanks to Facebook messenger, Face Time, or communication apps like WhatsApp, we can connect with each other from the most remote corners of the earth. Keeping your mobile technology fully charged is a top priority on an international trip.

To begin, consider an electrical charging station with multiple outlets and at least one USB port. We recommend something like the EnergyPal Travel Charging Station / Power Strip With USB / Power Adapter, which is ideal for multiple travelers with multiple mobile devices. For charging mobile phones in a vehicle, a simple USB Car Charger that plugs into any cigarette lighter will get the job done.

71it7SaCN8L._SX522_Taking Your Kid’s Temperature

When your kid is sick, the last thing you want to worry about is converting Celsius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa) in determining if they have a fever. Or, even worse, finding a thermometer to measure temperature in the first place. Unfortunately, we have learned the hard way traveling with thermometer offers both convenience and peace-of-mind when anyone in your family wakes with a fever in a hotel room at three in the morning.

Despite what I have preached about traveling light in the past, I will now always have a digital thermometer in my toiletry bag. Consider a product like the Fast Reading LCD Digital Oral Thermometer for your next international trip.

71Bzwo151RL._SL1500_Waking Up On Time

Call me blonde or call me paranoid, but I don’t entirely trust a hotel clock or my ability to set an iPhone alarm in a different time zone. I’m also a big fan of setting two alarms if you absolutely must wake up at a certain time (example, to catch a flight or a train).

If these sentiments resonate with you, consider investing in a travel alarm clock like the super compact  CL030023 Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar & Temperature from Marathon (battery included, but you might want to have an extra on hand).

What are your “go to” gadgets for international travel? Leave a comment below.

Happy trails!

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