Road Trip Hacks That Make Life Easier

Today’s state of affairs means making adjustments to family vacations. Given how pandemic restrictions have affected family travel, many are getting behind the wheel rather than aboard a plane or cruise ship. Last summer, AAA noted that over 97% of families chose road trips over flying for numerous reasons. Thankfully for our nation, there are thousands of unique destinations your family can enjoy with a road trip. Whether it be camping, a trip to the mountains, fishing at a nearby lake, or checking somewhere off your bucket list, the options are endless. Outside notes that all you need to make it a success is good company, a beautiful destination, quality music, and of course, the right gear. 

Know Before You Go

Charles R. Swindoll puts it nicely, stating, “Every day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” What better way than to discover your next adventure on the road. Depending on the distance, children’s ages, if you’re bringing the family pet, it’s essential to have an itinerary. With a bit of planning and communication, you can ensure less frustration and make sure everyone is refreshed. 

When it comes to packing, make sure to include their favorites and plan for unexpected events. Bringing paper maps can be helpful when your phone’s GPS doesn’t work. Get creative with packing new toys, downloading special apps or movies, and having unusual snacks can keep the kids entertained. Bathroom stops should be expected, and it might even be wise to invest in a small portable toilet. Make sure to have drinks and snacks within easy reach so that stops can be minimized. Bringing a well-stocked cooler with their favorites will keep them happy and ensure you are making healthier food choices and saving money. Research where parks and rest stops are to give everyone breaks. Another helpful tip to keep in mind includes making sure you know your vehicle’s payload capacity. Your vehicle needs to get your family there safely, handle any road conditions, and minimize fuel costs.

Game-Changing Truck Gear

Not all road trips end where the pavement does. Because of this, trucks have become a great purchase in that one gets you away from the crowds and helps you discover secluded destinations. Trucks are great for road trips because they are rugged enough to reach the exciting locations other vehicles can’t and can carry more equipment. Companies have come a long way in providing more comfort, roomier back seats, and are easier to customize with accessories.

For a successful and hassle-free road trip, you must use the best storage options and pack appropriately. Fortunately, there’s plenty of opportunities to upgrade your ride. To optimize storage, wise investments might include rooftop luggage racks, cargo boxes, bike racks, hitch-mount attachments, or travel cargo trailers. Additional tools that can assist significantly in your adventures include quality ratchet straps, tie-down tracks, truck bed ramps, cargo nets, tailgate pads, and many other accessories, depending on your recreation choices. 

Organized Truck Storage

Trucks have limited luggage space when carrying your family, but technology has come to the rescue. The new revolution of truck storage bed systems simplifies storage, keeps belongings safe, and makes it easier to keep the family organized. Take these Toyota truck drawers, for example; they are simple to install, slide easily, are waterproof, and keep items secure. Additional features like locks, trays, dividers, CoreTax, and T-tracks are available for even more convenience. Make sure to do your research to make sure each accessory is compatible with your vehicle. 

Whether your family is looking to get away for a weekend or maybe a little longer, the open road is the perfect place to put the pedal to the metal, take a deep breath, and set your eyes on new sites.  Not only do you get to arrive at your destination on your own schedule, but you also get to see parts of the world you wouldn’t have if you had flown. A family road trip done right will help everyone take a breath, create a new memory, and most of all bring the family closer together. Grab your hand sanitizer, gear, and camera, and get ready to explore.