The Best Things to Do on Your Trip to Edmonton

Edmonton, the aesthetic capital of Alberta, Canada may be a busy urban city but there is definitely a lot to see in it. With beautiful wonders of nature, a spectacular world of science, the greatest shopping mall in all of North America, Alberta sure is a place you can’t miss. With timeless festivals and a wealth of fun things to do, this modern city is a dream come true for the travel-lovers. Bursting with vibrant colors of nature and tasteful greens all across the city, Edmonton has definitely inherited most of the scenic landscapes of Canada. Here, we give you a personalized guide on the best things you can do if you’re planning to visit Edmonton, Alberta. Prepare a checklist and get started.

1. Admire the Wonders of the Sky

Many people don’t know this but there are days a stroke of serendipity visits the skies of Edmonton and instantly bursts forth the Northern Lights. One of nature’s most spectacular vagaries, the Northern lights is a magnificent sight. Head out right after dusk falls, just a little before midnight to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights illuminating the skies. You can use AuroraWatch to help you identify the exact time when you can go out to see the lights.

However, they visit the beautiful city of Edmonton only sometimes. According to a report by Environment Canada, there are only 90 nights in the entire year when the Northern Lights show up, but the best month is September. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you can catch them at their finest. Nonetheless, stargazing in Edmonton, Alberta is a wonderful activity on its own.

2. Discover a World of Science

Prepare to unleash the super-cool and nerdy science enthusiast in you. There isn’t a more ultra-cool place than the Tenus World of Science located in the heart of Edmonton. You will find here all the amazing things that the science-lover in you has been waiting to create.

If you or someone in your family is particularly into robots and machine-building then this is definitely a place to visit during your stay at Edmonton. With brilliant exhibits of the entire human body and tutorials on how to build and operate robots, the Tenus World of Science is as amazing as it gets.

Yet, this isn’t all there is. You will find spectacular observatories and a huge planetarium to admire our breathtaking solar system. There’s an IMAX theatre as well featuring amazing 3D projects. So make sure to visit the Tenus World of Science and you’re guaranteed to have a trip worth remembering.

3. Gaze at the Enchanting Wild Life

If you possess a love for nature and its wonders, you will definitely love the sauntering wild life at Elk Island national Park. Slender and elegant moose and deer along with gorgeous elk and coyotes, Edmonton is home to the most charming wild life. All these animals are a pure wonder to look at. Spot them at the Elk National Park, take pictures with them or simply observe them relishing in their habitat. You will find here the best that nature has to offer.

Step out just right outside the city and enter into the wonderland that is Elk Island National Park – only an hour-long drive away. An astonishing contrast with the busy, urban life of Edmonton, the wildlife park can offer you a wonderful spots for bird watching and camping.

4. Visit the Great Mountain Town of Jasper

The magnificent mountain town Jasper will be one of the best highlights of your trip to Edmonton. It perfectly captures the scenic mountainside of Canada. A good starting point, the town of Jasper is only four hours west from the main city location. Edmonton really is one of the best places to go for road trips for families.

The moment you enter into the lush greenery, you’ll be able to go to the glorious, soaring mountains that will at once take your breath away. Moving into this beautiful town, you will also find enchanting picturesque alpine towns and exciting vistas. The Canadian Rockies should definitely be a must-visit place on your list because enrapturing landscapes are simply not to miss.

5. Head to North America’s Greatest Shopping Mall

If you’re living in Canada and wish to explore other provinces, then Edmonton, Alberta, is a place you must visit. The West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping center in the entire continent. Home to a huge water park with the most thrilling and exciting water slides and water sports, you can probably imagine that this shopping mall really is a big deal. You will also find a whole world of marine life, a bowling center to unwind after a long shopping spree, a beautiful golf course to play on, and a majestic Ice Palace. The list is never-ending and that is exactly why you can’t miss out this mall on your trip to Edmonton.

Edmonton is one of Canada’s eTA eligible countries and that is all the reason to visit this gorgeous city and enjoy to the hilt. For more information on other eTA eligible countries in Canada, click here.