Tired of Opening Doors With Your Hands? Try the Hookey No-Touch Door Opener and Multi-Tool

The Hookey multitool

I recently got a Hookey, a no-touch door opener and multi-tool. I’ve been pretty cautious about the things I touch during COVID-19, and touching doors and touching keypads when I make a purchase are two “hot spots” for me that I try to avoid. This tool makes it easy to avoid using my hands for both, and I found myself using it a lot more often than I thought I would.

The Hookey no touch door opener multi tool

The Hookey is small and lightweight, but made of very sturdy brass. It includes an edge to open a push door, a hook to open a pull door, a button pusher, a stylus point, and a bottle opener. It easily attaches to a key ring.

I used it for opening all kinds of doors, including my neighbor’s screen door when I went over to check on her. I used it to open the milk cooler at the grocery store and the beer cooler at the neighborhood market. I used it to push elevator buttons and to push the crosswalk button. They’re made and distributed in the United States, and are pretty affordable at $15 for one, $25 for two, and $48 for four.