Top 5 Comfortable Used Cars You Can Get For A Family Road Trip

If you were to go on a cross-country road trip, which car would you take with you? If you ask us, we’ll take a Toyota Camry. Why? To put it simply, no sedan on the market is a better combination of comfort, reliability, fuel economy, and appropriate pricing than this one. When it comes to road trips, you need  a car to have some or all of the following properties:

  • It must be reliable because you’ll be going through a lot of abandoned places with no immediate help available. 
  • It better be a comfortable one as you will be practically living in it for a week or so.
  • Unless you are a billionaire (which I think you aren’t), you don’t want to take a car with a poor EPA rating on a road trip.
  • It must have a reasonably sized trunk for keeping all your stuff and supplies.

And guess what? The Toyota Camry is the car that aces in all of these fields. 

We are counting our top 5 picks for the most comfortable used car that you can take on a family road trip. You can buy these and lots of other cars at Gettacar. Let’s get started!!!

5. KIA Sportage 

If you anticipate off-roading or rough terrain on your road trip, this is the car you need. This Korean car is the perfect blend of dependability and comfort. The things that make the Sportage a good car for road trips are: 

  • The car is AWD and can negotiate any kind of terrain.
  • The 2.0L I4 engine puts out 134hp and delivers 34mpg.
  • This crossover has independent suspension on all four wheels, making it very comfortable.
  • The seats are power-adjustable, heated, and ventilated, making them ideal for long trips.
  • The car has a panoramic sunroof to make your trips all the more enjoyable. 

4. Chevy Impala 

If you want to go American, take an Impala for the spin. This is the car with a history of long road trips. The factors that make the Impala a good option for a road trip include:

  • It is a long-wheelbase vehicle measuring 201 inches. This makes it inherently comfortable and stable.
  • It has an enormous 18.8cft trunk that is more than enough for carrying the stuff of the whole family. 
  • The small touches like heated and ventilated seats in the front and back are great for long journeys. It even comes with a heated steering wheel.
  • It has a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and multiple mobile charging ports to keep you connected.
  • Adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and forward-collision warning take the stress out of highway driving.
  • The 22mpg EPA rating makes it a reasonable option.
  • This car is designed to be comfortable for long trips and that is reflected in the seats and suspension. It is one of the most comfortable production cars ever in its price range.

Even though this is an American car, it is still as good as a Toyota Camry in terms of reliability.

3. Acura TLX

Acura is the performance car division of HondaThe TLX shares its DNA with some of the most reliable cars on the planet. The thing it has more than any other Honda is luxury and performance. 

If you like driving and want to be engaged yet comfortable during your trip, this is the car you need. Here are the things that make the TLX a great sedan for road trips with your family. 

  • The technologies like Precision All-Wheel Steer and Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive make it easy and comfortable to drive.
  • This car is equipped with the latest highway driving aids like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. These make driving easy and comfortable.
  • With up to 290hp under the hood, no highway overtaking scenario is tough for the TLX.
  • All that power and you still get 34mpg on the highway.
  • The suspension of this car is dynamic. You can set it to comfort mode for cruising or sports mode for fun on the road trip.
  • The comfy leather seats with three-stage heating and ventilation and leather upholstery envy your bed.

2. Chrysler 300

If you want to have the old-school rear-wheel-drive configuration, the Chrysler 300 is the best option. You can slide through the curves of mountain roads with the rear-wheel thing or drive peacefully by switching to AWD. 

The factors that make Chrysler 300 a great road trip car are:

  • A suspension meant for comfortable and peaceful cruising. 
  • Seats with all the comforts like heating, power adjustment, and premium upholstery.
  • Driving aids that make road trips fun and safe.
  • An EPA rating of 27 mpg on the highway.

1. Toyota Camry 

If you want a stress-free family road trip, Toyota Camry is the car you want. It is a simple car designed for one thing – moving people from one place to the other in comfort. 

The factors that make this car a great road trip companion are:

  • Toyota Camry is one of the most reliable cars to ever be. Just the name Toyota is enough to ascertain reliability. 
  • The inside of the Toyota Camry is spacious and comfortable enough for living in it for weeks. This includes a soft suspension, power-adjustable seats, and automatic climate controls.
  • With 3 charging ports and one wireless charging pad, the Toyota Camry has everything you need to keep your devices juiced up during a long trip.
  • An EPA of 35mpg on the highway means you will not break the bank fueling this car.
  • This car is equipped with adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist, making driving on the highway safe and easy.
  • The trunk of the Toyota Camry can accommodate 15.1cft of your stuff and all supplies for a road trip.
  • The JBL sound system in this car is great for all the road trip songs you want to play.
  • With up to 301hp under the hood, you can have fun with the Toyota Camry on your road trip.

Once you have your used car, get your car ready for a road trip with this handy checklist.