4 Reasons to Book a Disney Vacation Club Rental for Your Next Disney Trip

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is one of the most popular timeshare ownership programs in existence. This family-friendly club offers a great portfolio of resorts located in Florida, California, and even Hawaii, with plenty of fabulous amenities and magical Disney elements. If you are not looking to purchase a timeshare but would still love to experience these delightful DVC resorts, you have the ability to book Disney timeshare rentals through online resellers. These rentals have numerous benefits that make them wonderful accommodation options for those seeking affordability without compromising quality.

DVC Rentals Are Budget-Friendly

Planning a trip to Disney is seldom cheap, but one way to save big is by booking a Disney Vacation Club rental. Rather than overpaying for a cramped hotel room, DVC timeshare rentals are offered by-owner at low weekly rates.

If a timeshare owner is unable to travel on any given year, they can advertise their timeshare for rent to cover the annual maintenance dues. By renting, you’ll get to experience all the benefits of staying in a DVC timeshare without the ownership commitment, all at incredible rates. You’ll pay less per night than area hotels for so much more.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Unit and Resort Amenities Are Abundant

Speaking of “more,” Disney Vacation Club resorts are best known for their incredible offerings, both en-suite and on-site.

To start, units are spacious and comfortable—ideal for any-sized family. Choose from studio, one-, two-, three-, and even four-bedroom units depending on your needs. While each family member can have their own private bedroom, the accommodations also feature a common living room area with a kitchen and dining table for family meals. These units also provide multiple bathrooms to make getting ready in the morning a breeze. Other amenities vary by unit size and style, but some additional features you may find include a private balcony, whirlpool tub, and laundry machines.

Even if you’re not headed off to the parks, there is plenty of fun to be had on-site at the DVC resorts. Each has their own unique Disney elements and flair that can be appreciated by all ages. These resorts offer themed swimming pools, hot tubs, kids clubs and activities, character dining and other restaurants, fitness centers, and so much more. You can have a full vacation experience without stepping foot off the resort. However, the big draw of these properties is their close proximity to the Disney parks and attractions–with many offering free or direct transportation to and from!

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Stay at “Sold Out” DVC Resorts

The demand to own a DVC timeshare is incredibly high. And those who own DVC timeshares very seldom sell these properties because of the many benefits of ownership. As such, many timeshare developers are completely “sold out,” meaning they are at their max capacity of owners and have no availability for extra guests or new owners.

Luckily, renting a Disney Vacation Club timeshare is the perfect way to visit and experience these “sold out” resorts. Because even if the owner is not interested in selling, they may have an instance where they want to rent it out for cash back or just because they are not able to visit. This allows you to visit a resort you may not otherwise get to check out.

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Try a DVC Timeshare Before You Buy

Maybe you are curious about DVC timeshare ownership but aren’t ready to commit to purchasing. Renting a DVC timeshare is the perfect solution to experience what it’s like to be a DVC owner first hand.

Renting a DVC timeshare allows you to visit the resort, stay in the suites, participate in the activities, and enjoy the amenities. Love it? It’s possible the owner of the timeshare you rented might be opening to sell. If not, you will surely be able to find another similar timeshare at your preferred resort. You could also rent Disney timeshares at different properties if you are undecided between a few locations. There is no pressure to buy and you’re sure to enjoy a fun, low-cost Disney getaway.

With all of the added benefits and perks Disney timeshare accommodations offer, it’s no wonder why Disney enthusiasts flock to them each year. Simply put, they are magical and can transform vacations from good to extraordinary. So, whether you are in the preliminary planning stages of your next Disney vacation or want to learn more about how Disney timeshare rentals work, be sure to check out the secondary DVC marketplace on SellMyTimeshareNow.com. They offer tons of informative articles and discounted Disney rental inventory offered through private owners.

Have you ever stayed at a Disney Vacation Club Resort? What was your experience?

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