How to Get More from a Holiday this Year

There are some ways you can get more from a holiday to make the most of the tie you have away from work or the confines of your home. Doing nothing at all is some people’s dream vacation. But there are also some things to look out for and plan while you are away this year.

Do Something Unexpected

Just going off somewhere exotic is exciting enough. Yet, in a lot of far-flung places, there can be surprisingly little to do. And this means you might get a little dismayed while you are away, which isn’t good. So why not do something you wouldn’t usually do? Check Zante events for your nearest boat party, take part in an extreme sport like speed boat paragliding, or trek a path you always wanted to see. You might just find yourself with a new hobby you love to do again.

Get More from a Holiday with Guided Tours

Most of the world’s popular tourist destinations have guided tours. And these are often much better than venturing out on your own and much safer. A tour host will never take you somewhere dangerous, like a bad neighborhood. But they are also very knowledgeable about the local history of a specific place and will be open to questions if you want to learn more. Of course, they aren’t free. But they also generally aren’t costly either, considering what you get.

Learn the Local History and Culture

You can get a much better sense of the place you visit by learning about it before you leave. For example, you can understand local customs so as not to be too shocked or offended when you know why they happen. And it’s always a great thing to know something about the history of somewhere you visit to feel more attached to the place. And, of course, there’s nothing quite like sampling the local delicacies of an exotic place to get a sense of the often surprising cuisines.

Take Classes in the Local Cuisine

Further to food and cuisine, one of the best things about traveling is getting to eat food you have never tried before. But why leave it there? With supermarkets fully stocked these days, there’s no reason why you can’t cook some of the great dishes you experience when you are at home. However, YouTube, TV chefs, and cookbooks only go so far. It is much better to see if there are classes that teach how to cook local dishes in or near the place where you are staying.

Disconnect from the Outside World

The whole point of taking a vacation is to get away from it all. And that means you need to disconnect from the rest of the world for a while. With modern pressures, this can be a bit challenging for some people. So give these a try to make sure you aren’t disturbed while away:

  • First, switch off your work phone, and set your personal phone to silent.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, don’t take a tablet or laptop away with you.
  • Set an out-of-office email message to prevent disturbance and spend time with family.
  • Make sure any calendar apps are set to not alert you about upcoming work events.
  • Take time to relax and unwind at least a day before you are set to travel and return.
  • Let people you work with know that you are not available for a set period of time.
  • Download anything you need so you don’t have to check your email accounts.

There are many things that can disturb you when you are away and trying to enjoy yourself. And work is one of them. You can reduce this by taking actionable steps to limit contact. And this mostly means ditching your mobile devices or risking being stressed while away on vacation.

Learn to Speak a Language

It is challenging to learn a new language, and it gets harder as you get older. However, you can become a lot more confident and alleviate some common issues of travel when you can speak the language of the place you visit. For instance, you can converse with hotel staff, haggle when shopping, and ask for directions. But one of the best reasons to learn the language is when ordering food. You can avoid ordering something that you may not like, or you are allergic to.

Make Sure You Take Enough Money

Holidays are expensive enough. You can save to pay for it, and then there are the costs of clothes. However, the last thing you need is to run out of money while you are away. Unless you are on an all-inclusive vacation, this will seriously limit what you are able to do. Of course, you may like to lounge around the pool. But if you want to do anything more than that, you will need money for things like beach activities, guided tours and excursions, and food if self-catering.

Get More from a Holiday by Doing Very Little

A recent survey of 4,000 US holidaymakers found that 35% of people prefer to just do nothing when they are on vacation. Of course, this is your right, as you have earned your time. And it can be a great thing if you have a high-stress or physically demanding job. This is because it allows you to simply rest and relax, something that can be hard to do at home for some people. But on vacation, you can get up late, take your time with chores, and laze around at the pool.

Use Sneaky Tricks to Get Longer Off

You may not know this, but there are legit ways to extend your vacation time. It requires good knowledge of public holiday dates and a lot of planning. But when you do it right, you can maximize how much time you have off. However, the vacation day sandwich is frowned upon by many companies. But as a quick example, this year (2023), you could book the Monday before July 4th to get four days when you include the weekend for a bit of extended time off work.


When you go out of your way to get more from a holiday, you can make your time off go much further. For example, try doing something you always wanted to do. But also make sure you disconnect from work. And try booking your days strategically to get more time off work.


Feature Photo: CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels