Visit the Best Nature Reserves in Victoria, Australia


Getting up close and personal with the natural world is a great way to spend your vacation time. And there are numerous options to see unique wildlife in Australia! You and your family can get to know many of Australia’s animals in their natural environment by visiting Victoria. You can also choose to stay in the natural environment, by taking camping equipment or traveling in a campervan.

If you do not own your own van you can check out campervan hire websites like DriveNow, to find the perfect vehicle for your trip. So, where should you go, in Victoria, to see wildlife up close?

Tower Hill Nature Reserve

Tower Hill Reserve was the first National Park in the state when it was designated as such, back in 1892. From that date to this people have visited the park to see a variety of wildlife including emus, kangaroos, and koalas.

The reserve also provides a beautiful landscape to admire. Situated in an extinct volcano, it has an array of stunning vistas to experience when you visit. Visit the reserve in springtime and you can wander through a vast collection of beautiful spring flowers.

During your visit, if you want to learn more about the Aboriginal history of the area, there is a guided tour available. Once you have finished the tour you can relax and enjoy a picnic in one of the designated areas.

Great Otway National Park

The scenery at Great Otway National Park is stunning and varied. You can stroll along sandy beaches and then venture inland where forests and fern gullies abound. Here you will find lakes that are adorned with flowing waterfalls.

Crossing through the park is the Great Ocean Walk which stretches for a total of 91 km (56.5 miles). You may want to explore part of the walk as part of your trip. After a day exploring the park on mountain bike or foot, you may want to spend time relaxing with a picnic. There are several designated picnic areas in the park for you to use.

Travel Tip: Unless you’re a citizen of New Zealand, you’ll need a travel visa in order to pass customs in Australia. When approved, you will be able to make multiple entries within a twelve-month period; it’s valid ninety days from the date of application. Find more information here.

Healesville Sanctuary

Healesville Sanctuary is a wildlife haven that is just a mile outside the city of Melbourne. The sanctuary is located in the Yarra Valley wine region, so why not think about visiting a vineyard while you are in the area?

While at the sanctuary you can wander around the available tracks and see some of the animals that live there including emus, platypus, koalas, kangaroos, and dingoes. You may also see birds of prey soaring overhead. We visited the Healesville Sanctuary recently and you can read more about that trip in this post.

The interactive platypus show that takes place every day gives you the opportunity to get close to this wonderful creature. You can also spend time at the health center seeing how the vets and nurses take care of any animals that are sick or injured.

These parks and sanctuaries give people the opportunity to get close to the nature of Australia. A visit to any of these venues gives you and your family the opportunity to see some of Australia’s most famous animals in their natural environment.