Watch Your Wallet — Speed Traps Revealed

Let me first say that I never knowingly speed when kids are in the car. Accidents happen anyway and I never want anything nagging me for the rest of my life if things go wrong. I’m also a completely paranoid car seat user. Too many articles in a past life about car seat safety.

So, with that out of the way, I can say that I hate speed traps. You’re driving along at 45 or 60 and suddenly, the posted speed drops to 25 as you cruise thru a little town with no visible way to pay the police except for speed traps. Those are unfair. And, unnecessary.

The National Motorists Association seems suspect as an altruistic organization to me, but they have a database of known speed traps, searchable by state and city. Worth a look after you’ve finalized your route for the next road trip. According to their latest motorist news (I’m not making that up), New Jersey is the worst state for unfair speeding tickets. The fairest states are Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska and Kentucky.