Discover the Redwood Highway

The members of the Save the Redwoods League have compiled a guide to “The Redwood Highway” that details suggested trips and sights in the redwoods as well as the history of how the League has helped protect the forests so you can visit with your children today. There are hikes, drives, day trips and more.

The League is also asking for you to show your support and help keep 223 California State Parks open. It’s devastating to think about the effect the economy is having on already endangered parks, wildlife and public spaces. The beloved places we visited in our youth and want to show our children may not even be there because of misuse, abuse or other issues. Now, the economy is further threatening that future.

Redwood Highway Guide

I’ll be posting more about this in the coming week, but I would like to urge all families to pick a public space this summer and do something to make it better.